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4/17/2012 c1 AwkwardTurtle
My Best friend's name is Wes Harrison and he looks exactly how you described him! Creepy!
12/3/2009 c13 6MelGrl
haha. this story is really entertaining. love frankie's spunk. :D
6/18/2007 c18 Unsociably Acceptable
OMG! that's absolutely hilarious! i was crying i was laughing so hard!
8/8/2006 c7 Kameko
hey great story it gets better every time i read it
8/4/2006 c3 Kameko
hey great story so far can't wait to read the rest i really love it!
7/3/2006 c1 elephant121
Thank you so much for reviewing my story. Honestly, it meant so much and I was glad to get a little bit of constructive criticism and some support. And, it means a lot coming from someone who has practically one hundred reviews for their story, haha. Anyways, I used your comments in my new story (Love of My Life) and hopefully it sounds a little better. Thanks for reviewing :-)

2/18/2006 c30 2EnchantedKorean
omg...wes is so loyal & determined! & frankie finally realized her true feelings! i absolutely positively assertively love this story! i wish there was an epilogue though...nevertheless, it's still awesome...i shall now go and see if you have any more stories that i can read...you're a great writer!
2/16/2006 c30 2wishuponapenny
Yay! after all the pain and heartache, Wes and Frankie finally got together. It was a very good story, I enjoyed it very much.
1/30/2006 c30 PeculierPrincess
I LOVED YOUR STORY!i totally cried, i admit it. YOU ROCK!love yaSally
1/7/2006 c7 kira
ok the fact that only your cousinreviews made me feel guilty i really like the characters and the plot lines great i xcant think of anything else cheers
12/20/2005 c30 artfreak881
that was a good story, its shame that we cnat find out how they ar elike after she finally admits she loves him though! i luved the sotry!
12/19/2005 c30 Sarah
The story was amazing! And why didn't you thank me? Am I not important? *sniff*
12/12/2005 c30 Idrathernot
OH MY GOD. It took me forever to finally finish this, but I loved every single minute. This is SUCH a great story. Awesome job!
12/9/2005 c30 Sarah's hottest lova
OMGSH I LOVED IT! I was really afraid it was going to end all realistically sad but no it was awesome! That put me in such a good mood! Happyness!
12/9/2005 c30 Muj
Oh my god. It's done.I wasn't counting the chapters, so I didn't realize that I was going to read the last one.Oh my god.Hehe.Let me tell you, I was looking for an update, but somehow I overlooked it, and when I got to the next day, I'd stop looking past the previous. Um, I probably made no sense there. But basically I didn't know you posted this up!I like how it ends, and how Wes thinks that he'll probably have to get her drunk to get married, which sounds pretty realistic. Hehe. And what was very funny, was Frankie going "At least I’m not in some romantic comedy where there’s an entire audience watching me."Lovely stuff.Glad I made a slight mark.And write more!
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