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for Slave Raid x Horror

7/9/2005 c2 2B.C.E
I liked this a lot better than the first chapter. I think something so short can be better written in this kind of format, in something more like a poem. I really thought that the repeating line was good enough, and the last line was absolutely perfect in my opinion. Interesting topic, i think. Anyways, nicely done. ^_^
7/9/2005 c1 B.C.E
This was a short little chapter, but it was good, none the less. I liked the emotion in it. However, I think I would have appreciated the descriptions a bit more if you had been more creative in the way you described the peoples skin tone, "dark- skinned" is not origional. Not that I have a wealth of words to describe it, but give it a try anyways. So, I liked it, and keep writing, please.

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