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12/30/2005 c1 Kyria Asimi
The musings of a man over his forgotten existance...interestingthese were my favorite lines"They tell me that I'm human, and that their God has a purpose for me. They believe that He has a purpose for them. What a lot of fools. "
11/26/2005 c1 55Lellida
This is intruiging! I really hope you continue this- I like how the character is built up, but you still know very little about him. His thought pattern is very interesting as well- it's almost poetic. Again, a very intruiging story!
11/24/2005 c1 5snipsa
This is hauntingly beautiful. The tone of it is brilliant. A bit freaky, I can't imagine being in such a situation. I like the voice you've given this man, both resigned and a bit afraid.

Extremely well written!
8/30/2005 c1 19Blueskelton
As for your writing, It is very good. I hope I was not too harsh in my words. If I was I apologize. I am having a really bad day. Your in love with yourself story was very unique and I enjoyed this story. Stories of amnesia are always amusing to me for some reason. And I do apologize that my article was not better. It was a test to figure out how to post stuff. I had no idea anyone would actually read it which made me happy. My actual genre is Cyberpunk so I hope that you will give me another chance when I start posting more pertinent work.
7/15/2005 c1 Pure
This is really neat. It leaves me thinking more then anything though... Is that what you meant to do? It worked, if so. Anyway, this is great. I like your writing style; I'm easily swept up in whatever you tell me=) Keep Writing! You really seem to have a knack for it. Cheers!
7/15/2005 c1 51Artemis Obscure
an odd spelling mistake or so...

good actually. hauntingly good. and slightly creepy as well
7/15/2005 c1 addie pray
As said before: brilliantly well written. This was fascinating.
7/15/2005 c1 5Olam
Aside from a couple of minor spelling errors this story is brilliantly written and beautifully sensual. It's a nice break from many other stories, as in it does not revolve around events happening to a series of characters who react in predictable ways and say predictable things.

Are you planning to add another chapter, comrade?

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