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7/31/2005 c1 44RomeoandJuliet
through just the writing you could see there wwas alot on your mind. truly brilliant formla.

ps. thank you for your review
7/24/2005 c1 16AellaLives
:( You take everyone's pain as your own! DON'T DO IT! . I do it all the time, and I secretly wish I didn't...though it doesn't seem as though it's a secret any more. lol. :D Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and everything. You're really great buddy. :D

Love ya!

PS. Since I'm reviewing the poem, I should probably put something about it in here, huh? Lol, well, I really liked this poem. I can relate so very well to it. I've seen so many people fall apart, and I too have been unable to help them...It's a horrible feeling, helplessnes. ::sigh:: But, we just need to do as best we can. :)

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