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for Poetry Anthology

10/24/2006 c12 2Casey Drake
...This is cool... evokes all the Underhill tales... the non-Disney ones, that is.

:) CD
7/19/2006 c10 Casey Drake
creepy but cool.

:) CD
12/2/2005 c9 Casey Drake
pretty cool. I like the imagery here.

:) CD
10/30/2005 c7 Casey Drake
i remember this poem... you know, my review was supposed to say, "Not just an Idea, but a Story Idea"... I despise typos. Ah well. This poem is still cool on the reread.

:) CD
7/17/2005 c6 Casey Drake
This one is definitely a powerful piece.

:) CD
7/17/2005 c3 Casey Drake
I like this. It kind of describes how I feel when I go to school without my glasses.

:) CD

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