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10/16/2005 c6 2Casey Drake
I like how everyone is having second thoughts... nothing is "skip-along-and-everything-is-wonderful," after all.

This is cool.

:) CD
8/23/2005 c4 Ryustorm
hello, its nice and sad because i don't want blade to go all funny and insane and turn this into a angsty thing. i likethe princess a little but fear that she will become 'damsel in distress'. like the merchants daughter, m... are you the one thats been reading too many romanic novels?
8/1/2005 c4 2wickedstarr42
aw, yay. much better. i like the way its going now. dunno exactly wat it was that i didnt like about the last one, but its all good now. neway, keep up the goods... btw, it figures, doesnt it, that the minute i get back into the country, the weather decides to be icky and horribe... sigh. i'm cursed. but it was gorgeous in cali... maybe its just england that doesnt like me... lol, well, l8r chick! kiss kiss!
8/1/2005 c3 wickedstarr42
hm. well, i'm glad that blade and chalisse aren't actually going to have it that easy. i'll admit i was a bit worried at first, lol. i dunno, its weird to be getting two such blatant romances from you. dunno. this chapter was almost absurdly short after the previous ones. well, i dunno. i'll read more, see what i think. in a bit!
7/19/2005 c4 2Casey Drake
Both of them, especially Chalisse, are in not in love with each other, but in love with being in love.

Sorry, I read too much.

:) CD
7/18/2005 c3 12Lccorp2

Lord Duffikus:

Well, well, well! Not too bad...only thing I have to say is that I think Chalisse's decision seemed a little abrupt to me...but the plot is very nice.

Keep writing.
7/18/2005 c2 2Casey Drake
response to your review response: hee hee... I love doing that! I love it! Oh, indeed, it isn't confirmation... in the literal sense!

:) CD
7/18/2005 c3 Casey Drake
that's nice of her to do.

:) CD
7/18/2005 c1 12Lccorp2

Now let's see...fairly interesting plot. Good. So...Wanda's going to Arcana...hmm...and the other characters...I'll keep a tab on this one.

This one kept me enough to get me to read every word instead of skimming though, and that's somthing.
7/17/2005 c1 2wickedstarr42
wow, u know wat, u hav improved so much since i first started reading. like, at first i mostly read ur stuff as a courtesy bcoz u had r&r-ed mine, but now i actually really enjoy reading ur stories. hey, just remember with this what i said about wild magic- dont cram too many different plot lines into one chapter. it wasnt very much of a prob in this chap, but i definitely see the potential for that slowing down the story. and, to b perfectly honest, this chap was a bit long. i love ur characters tho. i love the prince and princess. like, u can see why a whole kingdom adores them and she's just so sweet and innocent... and i liked the mixing it up with different classes of ppl and stuf. neway, i love it! keep up the goods, chick! kiss kiss! i'm back in the uk tuesday!
7/17/2005 c1 2Casey Drake
aww... cute. now. it's a good hook... did you mean to not separate the chapters?

This is a cliche beginning to a romance, so doubtless, knowing you, you're going to throw in a really good twist... like... wanda and blade falling for each other, and Koyn and Chalisse falling for each other. That would be funny.

:) CD
7/17/2005 c1 5Medieval Fantasy Freak
Bravo! I liked this story. I found some mistakes, but I forgot what they were. Sorry. But one question, if this is medieval-ish, how can there be a crane? Well, I assume this is medieval-sh.

I'll keep an eye on this story.

The Silver Water
7/17/2005 c1 4DarkerLink
Ah... a swift beginning to romance, and a clearer idea of how they all get together...although why they would stay together is beyond me at this stage in the story ;)But you have got to wonder if they are actually the 'perfect couple' that Chalisse imagines... but I'm sure we will find out!
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