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for A New Prince Charming

2/3/2006 c1 19Olivine
so far, this seems really interesting. your prologue was definitely different than mine, but in a good way. ive read many prologues, actually, that had no dialogue. those kinds are good, depending on how you write it. and i like the way you write yours.

yes, anyone who's ever been to middle school knows those type. theres always a group of people who think theyre all that. theyre all that, alright. all stupid, anyways.

but, yea, a good prologue should draw the reader in. this one does. and since im drawn in, ill go and read the next chapter, to get myself drawn in even more :P


P.S. -thanks for those 2 reviews, and im glad you like my story so much. and, thanks for putting me on your favorites list! now i gotsta mention youin my profile. ill read the next chapter first, tho. (...scary how fast email works, isnt it?)
2/3/2006 c1 29The-Unwanted-Puppy
AH! Hurry up and get the story posted. I really really really want to read it!

7/24/2005 c1 2Fantabulous Me
aww. that was really sweet. i liked it.

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