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1/9/2008 c11 TheGreenPrincess
AH! nice story ^^

update pleaasse!
2/9/2007 c11 12the devil herself
hey good chapter really liked it.

the devil herself
2/7/2007 c11 OoohLookACat

no! she's meant to be with JOHN!

sorry, i've become attached to him..

and that means that Brandon is a threat and..

i like the idea of Jolie and John together.

Good chapter, good story

i like the plot line..it's a lot different to normal ones

i can't wait for more! =)

2/7/2007 c11 2R.A.Boyd
YaY! *does a dance*

i missed this story! and this was a great chapter.

i cannot wait for more!

oh and wilson and kelsey... *squee* ^_^!

10/28/2006 c6 outsomniac
love this story so far :3 what really freaks me out is how jade cant remember a NAME after being told its jolie 13274810234951 times. O_o does she have like short term memory! i love john he is so awesome X3
10/25/2006 c8 12the devil herself
oh my god this story rocks! can't water for you netx up date. just one little thing. sometimes your words are worong or your sentances don't make any sence. thats all

the devil herself
10/24/2006 c10 1DuchessYappingDog
Ah shit. I had started to write a review, but I forgot, so I clicked on the "Go" button again, and all is lost. I can't wait to read about the concert. I really hoped that Jolie would be the one up there, kicking ass, blowing the socks off of the audience. Oh well, I guess she can't be great at everything. Oh she and John make a cute pair.
10/23/2006 c10 Abby

I'm so happy to see new chapters up! And they're great! Thank you so much!
10/19/2006 c9 13BlueEpiks13
so yeah. i found this. and i love it beyond belief. like you have no idea.

i love john. he's amazing.

im still kind of curious about what was up with tim.

and brandon is a sweet heart

i really want to see what happens...so... update soon please!
10/18/2006 c9 2R.A.Boyd

i'm so happy this is back! i loved this and hoped it wasn't down for the count.

thanks for updating!

10/18/2006 c9 Michelle Habibi
hey! you're on my author alert for another story that you wrote so i got an alert about this story and decided to check it out since it seemed interesting. and guess what? it IS interesting! yeah, so you can expect my reviews pouring in everytime you update. so update soon, i want to read more! and i like the way all the chapters are pretty long, please keep it that way! bye!

-Michelle Habibi
10/18/2006 c9 shhsilence

update soon
10/18/2006 c9 swyen
i'm glad you decided to start on this story again. please update soon :)
9/24/2006 c8 fattie
8/26/2006 c8 7tucker529
Oh my gosh, I LOVE this story, it's awesome, I get the feeling that Jolie's going to end up going threw all of the guys in the band before John... lol. I don't know, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story. Seriously.
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