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for Jaded

4/25/2006 c1 Molar
Firstly, thanks for your review ^-^

Now on to your story...

Absolutely, amazingly, sparklingly awesome (i ran out of adjectives:-P)

It is really compelling and you have conveyed a cliched plot with originality.

You may want to actually tell the reader about the main characters: we dont even know how old she is and what she looks like. But dont just smack that in the middle, try adding that info in. How about saying that Jade has liked Jon for out of her years.

But, all in all, a really good story. I cant wait to see how it turns out.

7/30/2005 c1 1Tearsofsake
J,my love,my darling floridian child,your story is very thrilling...I am still freaked out...who. ehehehe. Well, muh dear, it would be in your best intrest to update.xoxo,AP.S. If you can't tell who this is you are a stupid animal.xoxox
7/22/2005 c1 9jessyxyz
Your story sounds really interesting! Please do continue!
7/22/2005 c1 12The Purple Cauliflower
Wow, that was some good stuff. Please, please continue! I'm interested and will probably die if you don't update soon!

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