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for Dew on my Window

8/18/2005 c1 30Preston2099
Hey, SAM! remember me? ehh, probably not, i guess it has been along while. My own laptop crashed out on me a few months back (and by crashed out i mean my friends and i took a bat to it, got grounded for a week. im actually using a computer in my towns libraray-sp and can't even check my mail so if you try to email back i wont be able to check) well summer's been crazy but relaxing, i hope your well and continuing to keep writing poems which you were always good at. I've been cramped up in my room listenting to old songs of greenday, my chemical romance and alkaline trio for the last few weeks, so i thought why not and try to reach u somehow. i kno this e-mail is a little long-winded but. just wanted to let u kno there is still a good guy out there and he is still alive. oh and um, i got this new phone that gets me whenever minutes (thank u VERIZON!) so if u wana talk my new # is 1-313-565-0954 it'd be really nice to hear your voice again and if not, good luck and good life to you.

bye bye-hugs u tight"

p.s.- bet you weren't expecting this in ur mailbox

Preston "whoelse" Wiley.
7/22/2005 c1 8Slowly Sinking
Beautiful description; a great piece, with two contrasting emotions shining form its core. Keep it up.

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