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for For Thee my Sweet Dragoness Love

6/27/2011 c1 LilMaria
This was really sweet, great job!

South wales? I envy you, my friend...I'm stuck in south US...

But really good job! Loved it:)

Peace and Love

1/28/2006 c1 187Andaren
Very beutiful :) I love the use of rhyme and assonance - it worked so well and the poem flowed so easily :)

A very professional piece of writing, I've missed reading your work.

Blessed Be,

Andaren x
11/16/2005 c1 13Ileandra Young
Well there we have it. Plain enough from seeing you two together that you dote on each other. This is a beautiful piece of work honey. Likie much.
10/10/2005 c1 74laughter at the funeral
i really like the rhythm to this...like for a romantic play or something...although some lines ar quite cliched...but well written none the less...

truly yours...

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