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1/30/2011 c28 2MuffinsRoxSox
Okay, so I'm a major douchebag for not reviewing the other chapters, I know. But I would just like to say that this story was absolutely amazing and I loved it. The ending was unbearably cute and adorable; it made me want to vomit. In a good way. If there is a good way. :) but yes, absolutely sweet and adorable. I LOVED reading this. And sorry for not reviewing the other chapters. I think I'm starting to become one of those silent trades that I hate. Lame, right? Well, I better be letting you go now. Bye!
1/30/2011 c1 shyshy18
just started readin nd i can tell this is goin to be good
1/29/2011 c11 1VIEWme
i really really LOVE LOVE this stoRY!
1/29/2011 c1 VIEWme
i really admired you for writing this awesome story!
1/27/2011 c28 5lukas10
oh!1 finally! thank GOD! thank you! oh i would say i love you but you might think i'm weird... but i love this story of yours! awesome! i've been reading it nonestop since two night ago! i've been quite busy but still i focus all my freetime in this! so coolL shoot i can't stop drooling about this. :P and i could just go and go on like this for EVER! :D

but i won't because it owuld be like a copy paste thing...


1/27/2011 c25 lukas10
i'm this close to crying! this CLOSE! i feel the tears there! god! why you have to be so cruel! Damn! Taylor should have yelled at him I LIED I LOVE YOU or something like that... shoot my heart is breaking!

love it!

going to the next chapie now...

i've been dying to review but hell i've been so focus reading.. i jsut oculdn't take it anymmore! great sotry awesome!

1/27/2011 c26 onlyexception
i was once accused also on plagiarism because i posted the story "Nicole's stupid diary"by larraine glass and i immediately deleted it on my website because someone told me to do so.. because if i won't.she will repoet me..

but anyway..keep up the good work..i hope u still want to continue writing the epilogue of the story..
1/27/2011 c18 onlyexception
you know what..i knew who owned that website:http :/ ainnie-ainzblog.blogspot . com/2010/ 11/swish-1.

actually my friend was the one who made that website and she got really mad because she was accused on plagiarism ..she just wants to keep a remembrance on your story and reread it for how many times...she doesn't mean to copy your story and post it as her own because if she really meant to own that story..she will create her name and will give some author notes but you see..her blog has no any information..if someone who can trace your story on her blog..she or he won't never know is the author of that story on her blog...i don't think that will be called a plagiarism because there is no any taking someone's story happened..think about it..you misinterpret everything..someone warned her also for posting "MY DILEMMA" by Clover-101 on her blog.actually,your story is not the only one she posted on her blog.but she never meant to take anyone's story...

but i still understand you..of course if i am on your foot..i won't allow anyone also to take my very own story..
1/27/2011 c28 onlyexception
i really love this stOry...
1/26/2011 c22 TheLike
I read your note and I just want you to know that I fully understand your decision. There's nothing worse than someone claiming your own hard work as your own. It's an author's nightmare! I'll reall miss Taylor and James, but if you feel it's right, then us readers will have to respect that.
1/24/2011 c28 abcdef

What a completely amazing story! It has definitely been one of my most favourite stories, I've ever read!

I love the characters and all their own special personal qualities. I loved the plot, and the hilarity that ensues. I loved all the twist in the stories, and how by the first chapter I was already hooked. I love all those intense moments, and all the detail you put into them. When I read all the basketball game scenes, I tremble in excitement and anticipation, as if I'm actually there, watching it play out before my eyes. Those moments with James and Taylor... absolutely makes me swoon and makes me downright giddy!

I love how your chapters are long, and how your story is made up of everything that a good story (based on my opinion) ought to have.

So I guess it's safe to say that I love your story, and all your creations especially James and Taylor. You have an amazing way of writing and don't you dare change!

I'm so looking forward to reading all of your later works, and I really hope that you keep on writing. 'Cos you are pretty damn good!
1/22/2011 c1 valpal4630
WOW! I don't even know what to say...

THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST STORY IVE EVER READ ON FICTIONPRESS. WORDS CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW AMAZING THIS STORY REALLY WAS. I was hooked from chapter 1 and i couldn't stop reading and it's 2:31 in the morning and I've got the biggest smile on my face.

your writing is seriously amazing, very descriptive and long amazing chapters that had me always wanting more. I fell in love with James and Josh. James because he was just hott and funny and Josh because he was JUST AMAZING. seriously, he was the perfect touch to the story because he was hilarious.

i absolutely love Taylor and James. they're my number 1 favorite couple on fictionpress now. like i said, your writing is seriously amazing. you have talent! I'm not really a fan of basketball but DANG those basketball scenes were amazing! you explained every detail so perfectly, I felt like i was sitting there with the audience, watching the game. I actually like basketball because of you now!

ugghh sorry for the huge review, honestly, i would write more and could write SO MUCH MORE about how amazing this story was but then I'd end up writing a book. SERIOUSLY. thank you so much for the amazing story. it was great to read!

thanks again! all i can say is WOW :)
1/21/2011 c28 instantreplay
I loved this story, and I'm not a basketball fan... so I guess that says something! I think the epilogue should be called Jumping through Hoops or something along those lines, but this was really well written!
1/20/2011 c26 2Pickles13
So then...did Mercedes and Ryan plan the break-up of Taylor and James? Or does it just seem like that?
1/20/2011 c28 Rosedreamer101
Oh I just love it ! This would be the perfect movie ! I love the ending (: it's just so, sexy !
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