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10/27/2005 c10 7lilxseeker
oh yay! you updated! argg james is a stupid spoilt brat! haha okay update soon!
10/27/2005 c10 5flimsy sky
Please update reeal son! Love your story =)
10/27/2005 c10 tigress33
Whatever you decide for the game, I'm sure it'll be good. As a former b-ball player and a girl, I know my old high school team would have been beaten by the boy's high school team. The boys are simply taller and faster, which is why girls play against other girls. It has nothing to do with girls not being athletic or anything like that, it's just genetics. In any case, it sounds like you took that into consideration. You have impications that James is better than Taylor in your story. Keep up the good work, and I eagerly await the update.
10/27/2005 c10 7CallMeCute
good job
10/27/2005 c10 3Em Wolf
Ouch. Way to throw salt on the wound James. Out of the pot and into the fire I say. Great chapter. The suspense and drama is really building up and I can't wait to see the explosion. Update soon and take care.
10/27/2005 c10 Mi-Lu
Man, James is cruel. Geez, I didn't even expect that from him...or from Taylor either. Something big is going to happen at the basketball game, isn't it? Can't wait to read about it! ^^
10/27/2005 c10 2Lightning Storm
I wasn't expecting to to update today, but I'm glad you did. I can't wait for the next chapter, I know it's gonna be excelent.

Good luck on your exams next week. Update as soon as you can.
10/27/2005 c10 31bjw
YAY! Next chapter's the game! Man I can't wait!^^ This chapter was as enthralling as all your previous chapters, I enjoyed it lots. But why did James have to call Taylor that? Wouldn't it be so simple if everyone were honest and lived happily with each other? Lol. But that would probably defeat the point of this story.:P Hehe, Josh makes me laugh. UPDATE SOON!
10/27/2005 c10 Emilea
i am soo glad you updated. well. i fink the boys should win for plot development. cz if boys win tay has to go out with jameS RIGHT? so it means u can develp from there n tok bout their dates. yay.

if girls win...less stuff will happen yeah? i dno. iwant girls to win more tho...ur choice.

babe anjwl.x
10/27/2005 c10 WickedFlames
This story is fantastic. I love all the drama and the detail given about the basketball practices and games (I'm a fan of the sport!). Josh is hilarious- totally my favourite character! Keep up the great work.
10/27/2005 c10 sharp-tounged
oh how i love author alert!

10/26/2005 c9 iamtara
great chappie.. pls update soon
10/26/2005 c9 17Lady of romance world88
Hey.Wow.Tayler don't care about James? Why? I thought she like him. How come she talk with Ryan? Why does Ryan and James fight in party over her? Oh dear. Poor Tayler. Wow! Christie and Michael is now together. How sweetly. Hurry update soon.
10/26/2005 c9 esereht
i smell jealousy! why do they have to treat each other like that! hello? everybody knows they have feelings for each other... eerrgh! ADMIT IT! i hate ryan! he sucks! oh well... ahhahaa! update soon cant wait!
10/25/2005 c9 8aurora borealis
You can't *imagine* how disappointed I was when I discovered this was the last chapter so far. This story is amazing, captivating, and so full of emotions I just got instantly hooked. The setting is great. The characters as well. And damn it! Why did James have to see Taylor with Ryan at lunch (because that's what I assume he did to make him angry at her), and decide that she liked Ryan (or something) and to start acting all cool and arrogant to disguise that he was hurt? Why why why! Damnit. This is a *major* drawback. Damn you! (Only kidding. :D)

Anyway. As you might have guessed, I absolutely love your story. I hope me over-analyzing James' behaviour hasn't put you off writing more - because I can't wait for the next chapter. My sanity (at the moment at least) depends on it. :D

Great story. Keep the good stuff coming.
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