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10/1/2005 c5 minute-glass
this story's really good :) you have another reviewer! please update soon :D i want to see what happens
10/1/2005 c5 22Daydreamer-angel
this is a good story, i have hopes for it so contiue to update
10/1/2005 c5 4TaurusGirl7
hurry and update soon!
10/1/2005 c5 breathless74
great story! you're an excellent writer. i love the way you put in details. please update soon!
10/1/2005 c5 Andrea
I like it a lot =)
10/1/2005 c5 Abby
Aw... come on, that was to short. Despite the lenght, it was good. UPDATE SOON!
10/1/2005 c5 babyblack
Hey...i like your story... update it real soon ya, it's giving me all the saspense...
10/1/2005 c5 2Lightning Storm
I'm in love with your story. Update really soon.
10/1/2005 c5 wintersong
hey i like your story. the plot's pretty good so far, your english is good too-style and grammar's totally fine (:

only thing...i wish you could update more because i keep wanting to read it! haha. keep up the great work
10/1/2005 c5 31bjw
You're making fantastic progress! This is so great.:) I love the relationship between Christie and Chloe, they're so wonderfully close! Oh heh, I didn't know Taylor had black hair. [did you mnention it before? *sheepish grin*] Love the way things are going between James and her. WRITE ON!
10/1/2005 c1 leesha
hey wow great chapter update soon and this story is underappreciated casue its really good. update soon
9/20/2005 c4 Awesome
I've been following this story from the beginning, and I like it a lot. You are very talented. Could you remind us what Taylor looks like, I don't remember reading about her hair and eye color. This story is kind of special to me because I happen to have the name Taylor, myself, and when I saw that the main character's name was the same as mine, I had to read your story! ;) I'm curious, is your name Taylor, or did you just choose that as the character's name? Also, you seem to know a lot about b'ball, do you play yourself? Please keep updating, soon!
9/19/2005 c4 leesha
please update soon
9/19/2005 c3 leesha
great chapter
9/19/2005 c2 leesha
awsome story
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