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9/19/2005 c1 leesha
hey this story is rerally good but i think that u should accept reviews from anonymous ppl casue u would get so many honeslty casue this story is awsome and so r the characters and storyline. update soon
9/17/2005 c4 4TaurusGirl7
hey im really this story! i think the story line is great and ur an awesome writer!

update soon:p
9/17/2005 c4 Red-rose-diva
that is a great great great story. for real! update update update update update asap please lol
9/17/2005 c4 2Lightning Storm
Your story gets better and better with every chapter, I love it all. Update really really soon
9/17/2005 c4 21Dina Rogoziansky
oh man, this is GOOD! i LOVE this story! it's really entertaining and funny and just plain awsome. PLEASE update as soon as you can! PLEASE! im ur new (number ONE) fan! lol. seriously though, i cant wait for the next chapter.
9/17/2005 c4 2siwonsiwon
Loving this story girl. haha I'm assuming you're a girl. Nice rivarly, and a bet always makes it more interesting.
9/17/2005 c4 1218
haha interesting...hm...
9/17/2005 c4 31bjw
Ah. Have I said how much I love this this story?^^

Ok anyway, ooh, things are getting interesting! I thought Michael was sweet. And James/Taylor's extension to the game was a nice tweak to the plot. I can just taste the tension that I KNOW will build up soon between Ryan and Taylor and James... One thing though, Ryan is a new character, isn't he? I thought the way he hinted at feelings for taylor immediately after he appeared in the storyline was a little abrupt - a rival for James was suddenly plunked in. Maybe you could flesh him out as a character first before easing him into the Rival's role?^^

Regardless, this chapter was absolutely delish. You write really well, keep it help!

Looking forward to the game, can't wait!:)
9/17/2005 c4 1littleXember
the story ROcKS! lol. great stoRY! please update sOON!
9/17/2005 c4 8sealednectar
The boys are definitely going to win! I just know it, from the deal they made and everything. Anyway, the story's great, so keep writing and update soon!:)
8/29/2005 c3 10hideaway
this story is brilliant! i love all the basketball detail and it shows that you know waht you're talking about. great story. update soon. ps love james and tyler
8/21/2005 c3 2Lightning Storm
If thats not competition, I don't know what is. This chapter was great. Update soon.
8/20/2005 c3 2cbprice25
I like it so far!
8/20/2005 c3 4theysayitscrazy
This is really good. I love the competition. Keep up the great work and update soon. I hope the girls win.
8/20/2005 c3 mipster
Ok i love this story. I hope the girls team wins, but i guess every reviewer doesso..yeah. Moving on I think it would be cool if you did some chapters in James POV.

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