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7/23/2005 c1 2BluEyedGirl
Omg this story is awesome! If you dont update soon I will DIE!
7/23/2005 c1 LcT514
ooh, great chapter, i would love to see how the relationship between taylor and james develops...
7/23/2005 c1 13cRavingsAniTy
whoa, tay's on fire... LOL:D this one rocks, can't wait for the next one.. ;) much love and take care, lovelyhead! tay and jamie rock..:D
7/23/2005 c1 8sealednectar
Wow! Your first chapter is so detailed. Excellent. Usually people make it short and that really bugs me, so thanks. I loved the basketball descriptions because it was so descriptive, really exciting! I'm not too sure of what to make of the characters yet but this story is has got lots of potential. Please update soon because that's always good and this story's great! UPDATE SOON! :)
7/23/2005 c1 31bjw
WOW. You're either one really talented basketball player or you're a big fan of it. Those descriptions was so vivid! Splendid writing, it's got heaps and heaps of potential! This is an awesome first chapter, I'm already itching for the next! GREAT WORK!:)
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