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7/29/2005 c1 34Joshua7
Wow, excellent diction and imagery, very nicely done. I like the short-long-short style too, it makes me wonder what is starting and ending in your thought pattern, and what you're really getting at (since it's not really a viper, i guess, from your line "never the species of snake."

In response to your critique of my ideas on poetry, the only standard to which I hold authors is that they pour meaning into their poetry. I've seen some excellent free-verse poetry, so I'm not asking for iambic pentameter and a 14 line sonnet, despite how things like that can be used to express a poem's meaning. What I hold against so many FP poets is that they don't take the time to think about things like that. They don't seem to take the time to say "What can iambic pentameter communicate about the theme(s) in this poem?" That's why I hold up the great authors, because everything counts.

Anyway, that's my idea of the "best" poetry: poetry where everything counts. Also, reading Universal without reading the other 3 poems that go with it will kinda skew your view on what I'm trying to say. The real theme isn't "What is poetry," the real theme is "What type of meaning should you pour into your poetry." This is my opinion, of course, and I'm not trying to force it on others. I agree with much of what you said, and sincerely didn't want to perpetuate this missunderstanding. If you have anything else to say, please don't hesitate, I appreciate some friendly controversy =).
7/25/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Very interesting interpretations~~ well written!

keep writing!

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