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for Milna Cemetery Dawn

11/4/2006 c1 crazy dog events
This was interesting for me, to reconcile this poem with my own thoughts on cemeteries, and death in connection to cemeteries. Cemeteries have always filled me with an enormous sense of well-being, comfort, and have always seemed to me more of a monument of life than a marker of death- strange and lovely seeing how everyone's better side is immortalized on tombstones. BUt I liked this, nonetheless.
10/5/2005 c1 10marie alexandria
this is a gorgeous poem. you really described everything beautifully and i could really see myself there, hear the cicadas starting to sing...awesome. +krystin
7/24/2005 c1 8Slowly Sinking
Wow. Beautiful description. A very moving, emotive poem. Great work.
7/24/2005 c1 11demon in disguise
This poem paints a picture... It's beautifully written. Good job. I like it a lot. :)

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