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1/27/2006 c1 K
Hm, you have some good points, but this sounds kind of like...complaining to me. Yes, the government puts our money to questionable use, to put it lightly, yes, the welfare system could use a great deal of reform...but actually, that's really nothing new. You don't offer any kind of solution to the problems you list.

I don't think you back up your points very well, either. Sure, evolution isn't proven, but neither is any other theory. And do you really suggest science classes teach every single idea anyone had about the creation of life? Evolution, though it has its holes, also has a lot of scientific evidence behind it. I'm not saying it's the absolute truth, merely that it's not necessarily "brain-washing" children to learn it. I think you'd make your essay stronger if you tried to refute some of the points the opposition has.

Welfare: Sure, some poor people are lazy and are happy to live on handouts. Of course it's better to do some kind of job in exchange for the charity, but with the unemployment rate rising, I don't really see where the jobs will be coming from. And what about people who have absolutely nowhere to turn, no way to work or feed themselves? Just let them starve?

I can agree with you about working hard to become what you want, but you seem a little idealistic. Things don't always work out that way. Some people have to drop out of school to work to feed their families and end up working minimum-wage jobs the rest of their lives. It is very difficult to get out of poverty.

Abortion: This is really a matter of opinion. You say "murder is bad," but that will always depend on what you classify as murder and on all circumstances involved. Likewise, people don't agree on when something is "alive." So whether abortion is right or wrong is a decision everyone makes for him or herself, depending on his/her ethics and beliefs.

This is not meant to be a flame...If you'd like to speak about it further, you have my e-mail.
8/3/2005 c1 James Jago
You talk a great deal of sense, but a word of caution. Not every unemployed person in the world is on the dole because he can't be bothered to get up and go to work. For example, with the collapse of car manufacturers MG-Rover the largest source of employment in the town of Longbridge, England ceased to exist. Since the sudden dearth of disposable income has undoubtedly taken other businesses down as well, there are probably more men and women seeking work than there is work to be had. This phenomenon probably predates the Industrial Revolution.Even in a country with almost a hundred percent employment, some people will still need some help. I'm sure everybody experiences that awful state of limbo between being laid off and getting a new job at least once in their lifetime. I also defy anybody to live for three months on the standard British dole (Typically about £45 per week) and come off it with an undiminished waistline.
7/25/2005 c1 12Monev11235
-“It’s not ! It’s a ‘woman’s right to choose!’” That makes me sick.-

I agree! If we let them choose on that, the next step might be letting them vote! Wait...

-Now I’m sure a certain percentage of you are saying now, “That’s your opinion. You have no right to put it on us!”-

If we read to the end of that sentence without skipping, we probably weren't thinking that.

-Evolution, in case you hadn’t heard, is still in the theory stage.-

You also may have heard that water is wet, and we no longer trade shells and beads for things.

-It has not been proven by scientifically means.-

And God has?

-Call theory what it is and be done with it. Feel free to teach Evolution, of course, but along with it every other form of beginnings.-

So every single cult saying that the universe was made by being sneezed out of God's nose has to have its beliefs taught (Yes, that was a Douglas Adams reference with the 'sneezed out of god's nose' thing)

-Our teachers have become nothing more than hired babysitters because everyone is afraid of offending someone else, therefore can not even say that a child has failed!-

I'll give you that one. The school system is in a terrible state.

-Though if the government comes to your door, knocks, and demands money, you are the one punished if you will not give it up. What is that called? Taxes.-

Irrelevant point but still funny: For a moment I thought that said 'Texas', not 'Taxes'...

-John Kerry for example…-

I hope youre talking about the Legislators there; if it is, that's a decent point. All they do is bounce bills back and forth between the House of Representatives and Senate pointlessly... it's stupid, really.

-“What of welfare?” you might ask. I say drop it flat.-

Encouraging greed, eh? Go to a school you to study something you despise so you can waste your life on a job that makes you want to die, all so you don't have to choose between eating soup from your retirement to your or having those two things (retirement and ) at the same time! Sounds great!

-A simple task is better than handing someone something for nothing. That only brings about slothfulness.-

Fair enough.

-If you had been willing, you could have too.-

So what if someone didn't want to be a doctor? Is money worth waking up when you're forty or fifty, looking into the mirror, and saying, "I've wasted my life on a job I just for money." and realizing they themselves?

-We’ve become dependent and along with it will end up throwing our freedoms away.-

A little bit of exaggeration, huh?

Okay, in short: I agreed with some of your points, but not others. Surprise, surprise. Right then, a few main points:

Abortion, though I'm against banning it, is a hard issue to look on without a bias. It all depends on when you think the life begins. Does it begin with brain development? When it's recognizably human? When it's born? Nobody can say, really.

School: The system is horrible. However, saying evolution shouldn't be considered fact... is correct. It's a theory. Everyone knows that. I direct you now to:

http:/w.stephenjay *TAKE THIS OUT* gould.org/ctrl/gould_fact-and-theory.html

Anyway, next issue. Taxes. Taxes aren't useless. They're ALMOST useless. They're largely wasted. But honestly, can you expect a lesislator to hold a job with all the nothing he/she needs to do?

Welfare... Welfare is sort of like the U.S. government: It's broken and ty but it's still the best thing we've come up with so far.

Money: Like I said, people shouldn't have to take jobs they so they can stay off the welfare you theoretically would've just offed. Besides, a civilization of doctors and lawyers, in addition to being the most pretentious one conceived at this point in history, would collapse from lack of manual labor and such.

If there are any points you'd like to dispute, my e-mail is in my profile.
7/25/2005 c1 A Pinko Punk and a Proud One
So, just how closed-minded can one person be? You REALLY need to look at other people's perspectives and listen to what they have to say, instead of just laughing and shutting them down. You can't be surprised that people flame you at all. Are you? A couple more things. One, the theory of evolution has pretty damn well been proven by now. Two, have you considered reasons why women would get abortions anyway instead of immediately labeling them murderer? Three, if you are a Bush supporter, you should consider HIS lies and sins. Stop living in the dark ages and wake up to what society is nowadays. Or, at very least, go play righteous messenger somewhere else.

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