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6/16/2009 c2 1N.E. Olson
Before I get to my review: What is a pet stool? And if it is what I think it is (a stool in the shape of an adorable animal?) where can I get one?

Anyway, tangent aside, this was another well-written chapter, and it ended on a fabulous cliff-hanger. Breck's attitude comes through so clearly. Love it. And I loved the part where she falls off of the stool. So intriguing...
6/16/2009 c1 N.E. Olson
This was really short, but I really enjoyed it. The character's voice comes through exceptionally well. Breck seems like a fun girl, and I want to read more just to get to know her better. I especially liked the line about her dangerous driving. Been there done that.
1/24/2008 c4 4akinmytua
*on knees begging* PLEASE! MORE! I LOVE IT!
5/28/2007 c4 3Angel of the Fallen
yeah i like this fic never quite read anything like it n i like Breck she's funny! and The Hot Guy sounds really well HOT! we havent learned his name yet have we cuz if we did i for got it.
5/12/2007 c4 13kstar129

i need a cookie!Do u have one?I want one!
5/12/2007 c3 kstar129
This is cool!I want more!More!MOre!MORe!MORE!MOREMOREMOREMORE!
5/12/2007 c2 kstar129
Ill join the dark side!This girl is like me!I like it!
5/12/2007 c1 kstar129
This is funny!Im kind of phycotic in my own special way!Im also obsessed with the greek gods!And ur right about the whole hades thing!
5/12/2007 c4 4amber-skies
this is good - wierd, but good. One thing i would change if i were you (and i honestly don't mind if you don't decide to take this advice, cause it's your story written in your style) is the part where you put in all the -giggle-s. But then again, that's just part of her character i guess.
5/12/2007 c4
hee hee


update soon!
5/12/2007 c4 136LilLaTLuv

YOU'RE BACK! YIPPEE! It's been, what? Two years? More? Anyway, I'm SO glad you're back, with your very funny story. Beck just can't keep her mouth shut when she should. And why does Hades want the opposite of Persephone now? EXPLAIN, PLEASE?

Luv ya,

Tashi :)

P.S. Here's a cookie! Even though I said I wasn't going to give you one...well, I'm so happy about this update that I'm giving you one anyway!
5/12/2007 c4 4Carbon Slash
heyy~ it's been too long since you last updated =) Whoops,anyway, glad you're back. I miss this story =P

A short chapter, but still, it made me happy.


5/12/2007 c4 deamer
i love it so far! but i typed in Hades into google images and it came up with this gross old guy with a beard.
5/12/2007 c1 2Siana
This is so much fun! I personally love the idea of Hades being hot. Besides, if you can't find a god hot, then what are you going to do?

Saw your note about being bored, and while I have no stories to offer you (yet), there are a few things up on my site. :-)

I love how quirky she is. The last chapter confused me a little bit (probably because I was reading really quickly), but all in all I like it.
5/12/2007 c4 rocky19
haha update again soon
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