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for A Hostage's Diary

1/2/2008 c13 sammi
I think that this story was awesome.
6/24/2006 c13 6Mali Steelwing
it's so sad. It made me want to cry. But, it's still really good.
2/22/2006 c13 73Rozlin
thank you! that was a beautiful entry -a beautiful ending-
2/10/2006 c13 25noodlegirl 28
that was so sad this was a really good story though keep up the good work-sammy-
1/20/2006 c13 7Fairy Dreamer
::applauds:: Very good! Well written, believable, very touching. The last bit had me blinkin' back tears.

Ok, this is corny, and I'm blabberin' a teensy bit...yeah...
1/19/2006 c13 1t.z0n3
That was SO sad... A well put together story. I wish I could write this good...
1/18/2006 c13 1FenrirRagnarokRabbit-Girl
Oh that ending is so sad, [no offense is ment by this comment] but had it been longer and alittle more detailed, I would have cried. I mean it, my eyes were tearing up right as the chapter ended. Had there been just alittle more I would have embarassed myself and started to cry(currently my mother is playing cards with some friends)Mirei died! T-T AND IT WAS SHE WHO SAVED THEM! OH HOW TRAGIC HER LIFE CUT DOWN IN WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IT'S PRIME! T-T
1/17/2006 c12 73Rozlin
No! i want to know what happened to the rest! please finish this! just one more chapter! please!
1/16/2006 c12 1FenrirRagnarokRabbit-Girl
yay ^^ After As deleted this I died. I finally found it again. I'm glad I found it again, just in time to get the last chapters before you finshed it but found it nonetheless. anyways, sweet stuff, can't wait for he last chapter ^^
1/9/2006 c12 6Pandemonium Express
aw, YESS! Wow, that's a relief. Short chapter, but I guess it really is quality that counts.
1/6/2006 c12 xbluxmoonx
Gasp! Great chapters! Really hope you update soon!
1/5/2006 c8 73Rozlin
no! i'm damn near crying now!
1/5/2006 c1 Rozlin
wow... i'm intruiged...
11/29/2005 c11 6Pandemonium Express
Awesome update! Dangit, she was so close. _ ...now what? Is she going to go back to the shack?
11/6/2005 c10 Pandemonium Express
gah! She finally escaped, yay! Well, only for a bit...something bad will probably happen now. SHoot. _ But at least there's hope, yeah? Awesome update; can't wait for more! ^_^
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