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9/21/2005 c1 16Theory Of The 4th Dimension
Very nice, the character seems very deep and heroic. I love the details you put in this. It makes this story sound so poetic and elegant in its shortness and simplicity.Write on!
7/29/2005 c1 Soul of Night
I totally agree with Hangman's comment :D

Yeah not a bad story. It made me think about things...like nocturnal flowers (I really want to see one of those) and other things which i find rather interesting. Good descriptions go with a good layout and paragraphing. Though...i think its spelled 'twilight' and not 'twilit' sky..so i think thats a spelling error. Other than that, not a bad short story.
7/28/2005 c1 29Hangman
WOW this is just so great. You are my hero.

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