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12/16/2005 c3 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Ah! I'm here! I'm back! *hugz* I missed 2 updates *gasp*. And they were great! I love this so far..such a great start you have going here *huge smiles* I hope for more soon! And even if it takes me awhile, I'll be here to review *muahahaha* I love you! Thank you so much for all your support!
8/12/2005 c3 Kissless Goodbye
Love it! I didn't realise you had posted more stuff on here.. ur story is good. I love it when authors have their characters thinking. And arguing with their thoughts, lol, love it! You write longer chapters than me - must copy!

*sits in corner with notepad*
8/10/2005 c3 8bulletproof.cupid

I thought you might come here to… gee, I don’t know…PICK ON ME IN A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS?- Thou art evil, sickening brother of Josie...! But hey, I still loves Jared!

I – It’s… it’s talking again. Just ignore it, Jared ((SHOULD BE JOSIE!)) . Just ignore it.

Don’t ignore me!

Justignoreit Justignoreit Justignoreit Justignore—

I’m your mind, fool! You can’t ignore me!

Ignore me and you’re lost!- LMAO I just had to laugh out loud here. What is it with authors and making their minds talk back to 'em. Awesome and completely hilarious!


Spritzy was thanked... well, not properly, but yeah... his name went noticed. Right, I gots to go. Awesome work here... have loads more to read seeing as I couldn't come on FP in a week. Oh God, a week ;o) I know I'm exxaguarating, but how gives a damn. Right, take care hun *waves*

8/9/2005 c3 babypig aka sunshine in a cage
yay! an update! this chapter kinda felt pointless. he was just rambling over the fact that he should do something but he didnt really get the plan till the last 2 sentences. the rambling was etertaining but just make sure you dont overdo it. im srry if it sounds like im being mean srry.but im trying to help, honestlynewaysi want to see what his plan is so update!
8/8/2005 c3 1underage me
i think you made a mistake, like around the last few paragraphs you wrote joseph said, isnt it jared said? well i dunno... i have yet to listen to that song... and i hope you have a good plan for us in store... ciao for now...
8/8/2005 c2 underage me
well i havent heard the song but i will eventually, probably in like two weeks it always takes me that long to do things. well this was cuter than before he confessed, wow this iris chik seems kinda shady... ciao for now...
8/8/2005 c1 underage me
Aw! this sounds like such a cute story, the guy Jared seems nice and hot, and its so cute how realizes hes in love... ive never heard of the Goo Goo Dolls, or that song Iris, ill have to listen to that what kind of music is it? well... ciao for now...
8/6/2005 c3 4TaurusGirl7
um... your 3rd chapter is the same as the first one :S i dont know if its supposed to be that way or what.. just thought i should tell you.
8/5/2005 c2 29babypig
joseph is soo smitten! its adorable! actually jared seems like hes more in love with the idea that his brother IS in love than joseph.lolbut other than shes mysterious, she crys, shes seems very lonely even when shes with friends, we really dont know much about iris. well, we do but...oh forget it i cant put it in wordsjust keep updating!
8/4/2005 c2 exquisite extreme
LOL! I LOVE Jared's character! He's SO funny. And Joseph? HAHA.

"Yeah.""Dude.""Yeah.""You're in love with a girl who doesn't know you exist?""Yeah.""Dude.""Yeah."

Hahahaha! I loved that! If you haven't noticed, the most retarded and repetitive things amuse me. I don't know why... what's wrong with me! ;) Hehe.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter! Please update soon! :)

exquisite extreme
8/2/2005 c2 8bulletproof.cupid
hehe awesome chapter! i love jared... and josie's mind. just so amusing hmm =P lmao jared gay... i mean, i'm seriously suspecting that now. aww but i loves him already!

lmao your favourite friend. i feel honoured... absolutely dumbfounded slash honoured kinda feeling i have going here. i have a knife here... sharp and SHINY! i love shiny stuff... look at it glint o.o right, i'll stop. but if you don't update in the next... shall we say week, i shall have your head rolling on the floor. i'm being generous... i was about to say 1 day. so hmph!

hmm i gots to go now. take care and sorry for the random babbling here. even if it was complete nonsense, i hope it made you smile ;o) just one more think... wat kinda of a male nik name is spritzy? sorry *blushes* l8er...

7/29/2005 c1 13XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Aw! I love this beginning. This story has a lot of potential and I know you are going to do an awesome job. Keep up the great work!
7/28/2005 c1 exquisite extreme too lazy to login
Wow, I gotta say, I absolutely LOVE the song 'Iris' by the GooGoo Dolls! So GOOD choice! :)

And as far as the story goes, I'm really liking it so far! So update soon, please? =)

~exquisite extreme
7/28/2005 c1 29babypig
aww! heh i love him!i like your story already, its good, its mysterious,its romantic,its nice. very very good start by the way. i like it! update!
7/28/2005 c1 8bulletproof.cupid
Damn right, it was worth posting up. It's so freaking awesome! Why dost thou not post thine soft words before, Romeo? ;o) Messin'... I'll leave all this rubbish talk to MSN =P Update soon or you will receive HELL... and I mean it. I mean, it was weird the other day. I had this sudden urge to stab everyone who crossed me... you know, buying a whole knife set and just stabbing every other person. Right, I should keep my mental thoughts to myself... guess it was just mood swings and pmsing ;o) Right, update soon missy. I sinderily hope you do for your own sake. L8er,


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