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1/18/2007 c8 ElizabethianRose
Um its great but the little squares everywhere are somewhat annoying...
12/11/2006 c7 4Falkner
I like the story/plot, but on the whole it feels rushed. The dialogue needs to be slowed a little maybe and there are a few grammar things here and there ("and I did... beaten her date to the dance!”"). Other than that, things look good so far; it'll be interesting to see how things go from here.
1/31/2006 c25 words music and love stay true
Hee hee! Yeah, I meant more appendicies, but I wasn't really clear there. Sorry!

Ah! I type too fast for my brain sometimes and I often don't read reviews before I submit them! I meant her! oops!


*rereads review before she submits*
1/28/2006 c24 words music and love stay true
Cool! I've wondered how you say a bunch of the words in here...I was close...most of the time.Hee hee! Are there more after this?
1/22/2006 c23 words music and love stay true
Yay! I'm very happy you like SoE (sword of the Empress) I've become too lazy to type the whole thing out any more!I can't wait for the sequel please post it soon! I'll be looking for the Apendices! Post them soon!Again, wonderful book and I can't wait for the next one. The, oh so, impatientScottish Dragon
1/22/2006 c22 words music and love stay true
Wow! Wonderful ending. I do believe you could spend a tad more time in the last chapter explaining more about Pherdacil, I've very curious about him. I've loved this book, it's so wondeful! I love how it comes to a conclusion at the end and she goes home. Very very interesting! I hope that you start the next book very very soon! I can't wait!
1/22/2006 c21 words music and love stay true
Wow! That was a great chapter! I wonder if the voices she hears are real or her imagination...*darn* Guess I'll have to read the next chapter to find out!

mythril? Is this similiar to Tolkien's mythril or is this different? You might want to explain what it is...other than that...great chapter!
1/22/2006 c20 words music and love stay true
Hee hee. The beginning does sound a bit like LOTR when Frodo wakes up in the house of Elrond.Hee hee! I laughed when Tori thought elves were short.Interesting. I like Hier, I hope he shows up later in this story or the next book...there is going to be another one...isn't there!
1/22/2006 c19 words music and love stay true
Wow, very short, but very angsty chapter! That's really interesting. I wonder what the bat-like creature was. Again, too anxious to write a longer review!
1/22/2006 c18 words music and love stay true
Interesting chapter. I hope that Rih listens to Tori.Sorry, I'm too interested in the next chapter to write a longer review now!
1/22/2006 c17 words music and love stay true
Yay! I'm so happy that you finally updated! I've been waiting for you to update! Yay! I'm so happy! Now, to read the chapter!Give me a second, while I reskim all the previous chapter to remember what had happened...Wonderful chapter! I love the cliffhanger and yay for me I don't have to wait to go on to the next chapter! Yay! This story is so cool!Well, onto chapter 18!
10/23/2005 c16 the scottish dragon
Great chapter! I like Rih, in an odd way. She's great. I like how they had the idea to get a room with someone too drunk to care. Very clever. Hum... I wonder why everyone was afraid of Tori's green eyes. Will be waiting, hopefully not as long though,The Scottish DragonP.S. Sorry, it's taken me this long, but I just got a chance to really read my reviews. My life's been crazy, so I've just skimmed them. Before I start sorry for the confusion. Sylth does not have the "talent" Robin does. I reread the first chapter after I read what you were questioning about. And it was very unclear who has the "talent". I'm so sorry! So, no Sylth has no "talent". I appologize for the confusion. I hope to edit and replace that chapter so that it is more clear! Again, I'm very very sorry to keep you in suspence over something that does not exist! Deepest appologies, hope you'll keep reading the story anyway!Yours,In humblest regret,The Scottish Dragon.P.P.S. Always look forward to your reviews!
10/15/2005 c15 thescottishdragon
YES! Very very very long period without posts! But yeah! update at last! Guess, I had become spolied by the frequent updates. Anyway.Great chapter. The king's fear of the sun god is facinating! Will be waiting, hopefully not as long, for another update.The Scottish Dragon
9/24/2005 c14 thescottishdragon
good chapie! I like prarie dogs! They're cute! Except here they seem a little scary. I wish I had Tori's gift for languages! I've got a bit of one, but not as good as she seems to have.
9/24/2005 c7 13gabriellafaith
This is a good story, but you need to slow it down a bit. I'll read the rest later. Good job!

p.s. what's with all the boxes?p.p.s.Could you read my story The Arena?
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