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7/31/2005 c1 16AellaLives
Holly...Oh my gosh...Holly...I'm so sorry...Now I feel ashamed...I should have realized just exactly how torn up you were before...I mean, I knew you were...but to such depths...I had no idea...Holly...I love you, and I'm here to support you no matter the consequences. :)

7/31/2005 c1 69Around.about
Very nice, but if you want this to be a poem I would go over and change some of the lines so it ran easier, but it has greaat potential as a story
7/30/2005 c1 13LuLuShaNeNe
Oh gosh. I am terribly sorry that your home had to break at this time in your life. I know that times are hard, but things will only get better. It breaks my heart to read this, but if my parents split at this time in my life, I would feel a lot like this (still do). But it isn't your fault that their marriage didn't work out. Just because you were drawn into it because they couldn't get along (or whatever their story is) it isn't your fault. You were not the straw that broke the camel's back. (Camels shouldn't have their backs broken every time someone wants to use that phrase... poor camels! lol) Well, if you ever need to talk about it, you know where to find me!

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