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for Glitters Of Shattered Hope

8/5/2005 c2 Lily Flower
Oh, plus, I love the title..."Glitters of Shattered Hope"...It's beautiful...can't wait to read more stories from you..
8/4/2005 c1 Lily Flower
I love the story..However, I got a bit confused bout Corina and Annabella in the first place cuz the description of their looks were quite similar..but all's good..Continue the awesome work and I bet you'll have plenty of readers scavenging up your stories...Love ya..
8/4/2005 c1 encik pokok kiwi
Ok, review time. Well, I have to say,that I did quite enjoy reading what you wrote. I like the fiction/romance genre. It was fun to pass the time with, but one comment I'd like to make is that the characters just seem a bit unreal. The general seems to good to be true, and Anabelle too. I won't say too much though, don't wnat to spoil this for other people. Keep on writing ;).
8/4/2005 c1 Li Lian
trina! lolz...enjoyed ur story a lot...expected it to be good anyway =) hurry up & post the remaining of the story! cant wait! :P
8/4/2005 c2 4annicel
First off, I love the title of this story. It's so... pretty, for lack of a better word... lol Second, you're descriptive adjectives are superb. They flow well with the story, and paint a picture for your readers. Great job on that aspect. Aside from a few little slip ups, this was a very impressive first chapter. On to the next... :o)
8/4/2005 c8 GracE-IouS
oh goodness, and i thought "the notebook" put too much romantic thoughts into my head! you are truly the artist!you've painted romance- oh gosh, trina, DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP ON WRITING, EVER or i'll just strangle you to death!i'm in love with how you linked 'glitters of shattered hope' to the story. wow. wow. wow. oh- thank you for the note=) and you're very welcome! that line, "Those little glitters of hope took a full form – you"what Belle said to William, it's wonderful. how in the world do you come up with these things! remarkable..
8/4/2005 c2 8alexialynne
hmm.. 2 outta 4 ppl mentioned Corina n the General..well, just a note here..you need to read chapter 1: Welcome Home really thoroughly. You might have misunderstood their relationship..and y are they so close? well, just keep reading.
8/4/2005 c2 Navee
Hey, wow i think it's not a bad opening, i loved it-'cept maybe the relation ship between Corina and William is a wee bit intimate for a first chptr. u wanna keep 'em guessing and not give too much away. maybe she cld be less...close? i can't find the correct word but i think u get the idea. over all, it was good=)
8/4/2005 c8 sambuddyels
This is a sweet story and it is written beautifully. I love the way you describe the aspen trees. I can't wait for the next few chapters.
8/2/2005 c4 GracE-IouS
i truly am captivated- especially since this is for an assignment. I had expected a lot but you're surpassed my expectations! post the rest of the story soon! i love the elaborations and your style of writing. keep up the good job
8/2/2005 c1 GracE-IouS
hey, just want to drop you a note of encouragement before I read the story. don't worry, you have a flair for writting and i did read a few pages of the unedited version. it's gonna be awesome =)
8/2/2005 c1 1Chaser Scott
This story shows a lot of promise. You're an excellent writer with a knack of describing things beautifully. There were a few typos, but those aren't important.

I think the relationship between Corina and The General may be a bit too intimate for those times. I'm not sure how acceptable their close friendship would seem to not only William's class, but also Corina's. But I suppose there's always exceptions.
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