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for Forever Miyo


You're lucky we live together.

Or I just might have to disown you.
This is so bad.

But I still love you.
12/22/2006 c7 randomcomment
you have created a very controlled world here that works a bit different from our own. very nice so far. please keep up the good work and continue it!
10/22/2006 c7 Kathryn
Jace has been added to my 30-some-odd list of men. Good work, chicka!

I finished...
7/20/2006 c7 Kathryn
This is an awesome story...ok, so it's a little morbid, but who am i to complain? THis is remarkable story Rivs, I'll get right on that bunny story...Lots of Love,XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOKathryn
7/2/2006 c7 1Spirit Tigress
This is so good! No lie!=D PlZ UPDATE! In my favs category!
3/16/2006 c1 Mizu Miyamoto
Quite a nice story. You can count on me to read more!
8/8/2005 c6 Mintelwerke
Keeps getting more and more interesting. Just one thing:

-She lost her whole family to a mysterious killer… later known as one of the members of the staff…” He paused, as if decided whether or not to tell me more.-

''Later known as one of the members of the staff'' just sounds strange in that sentence. Try ''Later revealed to be one of the members of the staff'' or ''We found out later that it was one of the staff members that did it.''

Other than that, everything is very dark and depressing and dreamlike. Very exciting to read, too, so please continue.

On another note, can you read one of my stories and review? I never get any input. Thanks.
8/8/2005 c5 Mintelwerke
This story is so sad. Talking about her dreams and thoughts make her even more likable and endearing. They're so sad.

What happened to Naeomi was a shock. Everything happened so fast, and she was such a nice character. The part at the end with the cherry blossom with a bullet hole through it was something that seemed so thought-provoking and really lingered.
8/7/2005 c4 4PurpleKitten56
This story is so sad...I mean she was created as a weapon (actually reminds me of a anime I watched...Cyborg 009) anyway PLEASE UPDATE! If you look at my username, I will have the next chapter updated on it. Also I have a new story up called "Battle Hearts" Please don't flame me for grammar error. I will like how you think of my idea for it though...PLEASE REVIEW!


P.S: Thanks for telling for your help on my other story...I know I always have some problem with them but I made my new story isn't like that...well until next time.
8/6/2005 c4 Mintelwerke
Aww, it's so sad. The first two chapters were so depressing, and then it got genuinely creepy in the start of chapter 3. It's moving pretty fast, the story. Very nice so far. Please continue.
8/4/2005 c2 PurpleKitten56
Oh my Gosh...that is so sad...in order to save her they had to take away her humanity...I feel so bad for Miyo. Poor thing. PLEASE UPDATE! Can you read my story...It's called "Search the World". It would mean the world if a you read it... I'm a new authorness(?) the grammar probably isn't good...I know that I stink at grammar...I hate it. Maybe someone one who your expertice can help me...

Anyway please UPDATE, UPDATE...UPDATE...I need to know what happens to Miyo...

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