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for Mariyako: The Ultimate Curse

8/20/2005 c2 2Rose of Battle
"And I am ashamed; I would expect a better review from one of my best friends!" *does a Tegan impression* Blah, blah, blaah...

lol, now that that is said and done..."If not, you may hurt me. (…On second thought, please don’t!)" *puts on a sweet smile* You know I would never hurt you..."...‘cause if you don’t, I’ll be the one to hurt you! Love ya!" O.O SCARINESS! Well, sorta...not the last part...okay, I'm rambling on now, lol.

Anyway, great job and MY GOD this chapter was long! I also loved the little bits of humor here and there, especially the parts with Shigure XD He's so weird, it makes me kinda ashamed to think that he has Kurama's voice.
8/6/2005 c1 Rose of Battle
Great beginning! But I have to ask...Why didn't you just e-mail me it so I could put it up for you, like your other stuff? And I still need the summary for your RuroKen fic.
8/5/2005 c1 Ray
Ignore this bisexual above this review. She just thinks she owns the place. Seriously. Great beginning
8/4/2005 c1 4AngelUpSideDownCake
Umm... I just wanted to inform you that fanfiction isn't allowed on fiction press. Maybe you should try posting it on the sister site, fanfiction.net?

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