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7/24/2013 c24 1Kill The Cliche
Ok this story is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G But, if Talia and Jack don't end up together, I'll post rage reviews ;) about it but, I'll still love your story so I won't be TO mad ;). Love your story!
7/24/2013 c16 Kill The Cliche
This is an answer to the "pash rash" Thing. I don't think we call it anything BUT we have something similar that is what I THOUGHT you were talking about. Its called a Hicky or a love bite. its when your making out and a guy/girl kisses/softly bites/sucks on the other persons neck during make out sessions and it leaves a small bruise. Those are also covered by makeup or turtlenecks (Shirts with a long color that covers you neck)
7/18/2013 c33 LaurentheHunter
Aww, this story was so good! I really love how you ended it and everything, aw I just love it!
7/11/2013 c33 1Silvershadow145
Holy Cows...
So much to say... but for some reason, no way to say it without rambling and ranting.
I guess I could start with this; As an american, the one thing about the foreign format of words that surprised me, was the way you spelled 'tonnes'. I've always spelled it with only one 'n' and no 'e's. Tons. I fist read it as tones, like Tones of books or something like that... oh whatever. You get it, right?

Goodness, now it's time for compliments, isn't it? I'm nowhere near as good of an author as you are, let me say that. And no, don't try to argue that by saying you're really a horrible writer, because I'm only going to argue back by saying that if you extended the storyline a little more, put in a tab bit more detail, and fixed up the grammar just a little bit in a few places, this story... well, you may as well print it and send it to an editor and then a publishing company. It's THAT good. I mean seriously. One of these days I want to be strolling through my local library looking for a good romance to read in my free time, and I want to find this as a book. Maybe in paperback, looking a little well-red, with yellowish paper and a beautiful yet simple cover and an enticing summary on the back.
I've actually used this story as an example. I've been trying to write my own fiction adventure/action story, for a novel someday or just for fun, and reading this story and them comparing it to my story (even though they're two very different genres) has made me realize just what a horrible job I'm doing trying to write in first person! You do it so remarkably well that I take one look at my story and realize how wrong I'm going about it. So I'm going to review this story in my head and look at what you did to make it seem so realistic and perfect and enthralling, and I'm going to completely start over and maybe even not write it in first person at all from the get go.
This was an amazing, completely capturing, hypnotizingly (I don't care if that's not a word, it is one now!) beautiful. All the twists and turns and jumps and starts and stops and trips, through all the yelling at your characters and practically crying with them, the emotions, the action, the romance, through all of it's thick and thins, this story is one of the best romances I've ever had the privilege to read. I actually got through the whole thing for once. Now I'm going to go see what this site has to offer with adventure stories. If I can find a great romance right off the bat like that, maybe, just maybe, I'll get the same luck with adventure.
Wishing you all the best luck, the happiest days and memories, and plenty of smiles,
Your fellow online author,
7/6/2013 c33 A Light in the Night
Wow, what a truly amazing epilogue and story. Hats off to you!
7/6/2013 c13 redandwhitetigers
Swag for Americans means your style. But it was originally stood for Secretly We Are Gay.
6/29/2013 c1 cassiealan34
I love this story!
6/24/2013 c33 Guest
Thank you so much.
6/23/2013 c33 1lovingthis
Okay, so I have no idea if you still use this site since I know that this story was written and finished seven years ago- but by god I hope you still do. I will be heading to your profile in just a jiffy to find out.

I read this entire story over the past 36 hours or so. This has been when out in town- supposedly shopping, visiting relations, even procrastinating when I am supposed to be moving out of my current house.

You have sent me on an amazing emotional roller-coaster which has culminated in me have a long and in-eloquent facebook status about the beauty of amazing stories and authors and the frustration one faces when the want a cup of tea to make them feel better about ones emotional responses to a story but cannot actually stand sparing the time to make said cup of tea.

The past six hours of slow reading have been punctuated with me having to wipe my face of tears, rant and rave about how my heart is slowly breaking on facebook and taking deep breaths between each and every paragraph I read (and sometimes between sentences)!

What I am trying to say is: Thank you. Thank you for one of the most amazing pieces of literature I have ever had the privilege of reading. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for making my heart break. Thank you for making an honest story. Thank you.
6/18/2013 c14 Guest
6/7/2013 c33 1Sapphire Kist
Wow. This story was amazing. It renewed my lost hope in fiction press.
6/6/2013 c33 Dominique Diane
I can't believed it, you have no idea how much sobbing I did last night while reading this. It was fun to read but then when the part when the twins and Jack's mom were killed it was heartbreaking! Awesome plot.
6/1/2013 c33 Taraxoxo
This was a great story xxx
5/31/2013 c33 6happysally
I totally thought that when I finished reading this I would feel empty and not be able to go back to normal life (as this story seems to have taken over my life these last few days) but you ended so well that, instead of feeling empty and sad, I felt complete and satisfied! (And maybe only a little sad it was over)
Thanks so much!
5/30/2013 c12 happysally
Oh my god. I only started reading this today, and I had planed to review after finishing the whole story, but this chapter was SO GOOD that I couldn't not review!
I've been looking for a fic like this for AGES. It has an amazing plot, and I love that its not your basic, boring storyline. And you write it so well!
I bet anyone could have thought this up, and it could have been easily made into some rushed oneshot, but you've really built it up to this chapter, it's like you're taking it slowly, but there's always something happening!
So overall, it's definitely my favourite story at the minute. I love that its never boring, constantly building on the characters and their past and of course building that beautiful tension!
Thank you so much for writing it! I'll review again when I'm done! I expect it'll be soon, as I can't stop reading!
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