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2/3/2007 c18 Lidyah
Aw Jaq has a new friend.

I really, really love the idea of Kane and Kinley
1/30/2007 c18 2BloodyDestiny
YAY! Another chapter. I hope that they can keep Jauquin and I hope that Naomi and Nate are all right.Keep up the good work.
1/30/2007 c18 2ShadesWithLove
This is going to be the first and last time I am going to say this kind of stuff. Just shut the hell up and go screw each other like bunnies! ^.^V
1/30/2007 c18 123123123123123po
seriously? how is this going through? Jesse is his BIOLOGICAL dad. And the mom signed away all rights!
1/30/2007 c18 lilmissempty
.::jumps for joy::.

I'm so happy to see another chapter. I loved it.
1/30/2007 c18 Okamihanyu
OMG~! It's been so long! Since you've updated! ;-; I"m happy you did too but now I must have more! .
1/30/2007 c18 10afk
hey!nice update! i liek how this is comming through1! :D
1/12/2007 c17 Kitsune Luver
OMFG! I can't believe that you are continuing this story! This is probaly my favorite story on ficpress. I can't wait for another lemon for Jesse and Lakken. And aw! Jauquin is absolutely the cutest baby

EVER! And he calls Lakken 'mama'. So cute! I definitely think that developing this side of the story is really important and make it much more realistic. I can't wait for more! I luv this story so much. Please update soon!
12/27/2006 c17 1Gravilove19
Can't wait for your next update. Good Luck and hopefully see ya soon. ^.^
12/14/2006 c17 inusess
i love this fic so far and the tattoo you gave lakken sounds so HOT! update soon please and don't let them (kirsten's rents) get Juaquin!
11/24/2006 c17 52Liviania
Nice ending, with enough closure to end the story and enough areas open for the sequels.

11/22/2006 c17 17Seran Perry
Can I just express howmuch I LOVE this story

I hope it's not over :D

You could make this into a manga dude. totally

Rock on and may the slash be with you
11/21/2006 c14 5paputsza
babies where you come must learn slow. My nephew was speaking at a year and a half. Speaking to the point where you could here his Bajan accent even. he had the vocab of like a five your old and it was really hard not to coo at him, cuz he gave me this weird look that made me feel stupid.
11/21/2006 c12 paputsza
11/21/2006 c10 paputsza
of course it's hard to make a character disappear when you've allready created its last name. But why Bart? Why'd you have to name him bart?
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