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11/21/2006 c9 5paputsza
Nothing is more romantic than the melodious voice of fiddy cent. Songs can do that though, two years after they came out. Don't worry though, it'll make sense again in 30 more years. I pay attention to seventies lyrics all the time. But yeah, this fic is well rounded. Blood, sex, and rapping. Along with HIM and slash. So unique.
11/21/2006 c8 paputsza
so many problems:
11/21/2006 c7 paputsza
What's with these questions? Are you seriously telling me you don't know? Cuz apparently some hard times are coming up and kristen's pregnant or with child... or not, i haven't read farther than this chapter. :IK
11/21/2006 c5 paputsza
Lakken just doesn't understand that the reason rich family's try to make more money is to make other families look bad. Life's fun that way.
11/21/2006 c4 paputsza
every chapter ends with "ow". ow. It's a nice story though.
11/20/2006 c17 abandonnnnned
Wow, I like this story. Will Lakken and Jessie have a serious battle for custody on their hands? And will Lakken's bully attempt revenge?
11/12/2006 c17 1ani18
I really hope that Jessie and Lakken win their case. There isn't a reason why they should not. I feel bad for Kane. Kinley is being really mean and hurtful. Hopefully these two will get over themselves soon and admit their feelings. Kane obviously has strong feelings if Kinley is the only person he wants. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
11/12/2006 c17 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
i love your story! the piercing guy should be bald! or a chick (not a straight one obviously) or w/e. my step dad has like tons of piercings and he's bald thats why i reconmended the baldness... lol. do w/e you want but hose are suggestions. love your story!
11/12/2006 c17 2BloodyDestiny
YAY your back. I hope they don't lose Jauquin. I like how you are intergrateing the other story into this one as well. Keep up the good work.
11/12/2006 c17 nickyk89
I absolutley adore this story.
11/11/2006 c17 10afk
AW what a cute chapter! and gawd kaneshould really get laid lol update soon!
11/11/2006 c17 Lidyah
What a great chapter. This made me smile :) (You better be writing a Kane/Kinsley fic) *g* I hope they two get together soon.
11/11/2006 c17 123123123123123po
so awsome! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!
11/10/2006 c17 Jaclyn
i have to say this, i absolutly LOVE this stroy its awesome! i love the characters and its so well written that lol when they broke up i was so sad and i couldn't wait for them to get back togeather. i hope this doesn't sound to werid, its just i love reading and when i find something with great characterization i get sucked right in, so anyway just had to tell you how much i adore the story. oh and plz keep writing *begging*, LOVE it lol. ^-^
11/10/2006 c17 ddz008
Aw, how sweet! They love each other so much! :)

I'm glad that somebody is going to help them, Joaquin is happy with them.

Kane and Kinley should be together XD

Keep writing, please! :D
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