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10/18/2005 c7 16AppLEaves
I know! I know! Choose me! Me! Me! Pick me! ME!


Kirsten's an annoying bitch who once was Jessie's bedmate and she accidentally got impregnated and is going to give the kid over to him?

Or is she his slacker sister?

Oh whatever. You're gonna tell me in the next chapter anyway, and if you don't (O.O) You have no idea what I have in storage for you if you don't reveal it all in the next chappie.

Until the next review.

10/18/2005 c7 GossamerHeart
Uh...huh. *waits patiently* We await for the great doings of your... er, great mind...*cough* (*grin)-Summer Goose
10/18/2005 c7 hesfb
wow i love this story. not sure if ive reviewed before but ive been a dedicated reader from the beginning :P

im betting kirstin was telling jessie that shes pregnant and shes going to dump the baby with him and lakkens going to be a mummy! *squeals* else thats just a strange fantasy of mine *ponders*

10/17/2005 c7 ChelseaDawn
I'm gonna make a wild guess and say that this Kirsten chick and Jessie had a little fling and now she's preggo...which is why they're communicating...but hey, what do I know...I could be completely off, which is most likely true...O.o
10/17/2005 c7 ddz008
GREAT CHAPTER!I'm so happy for Lakken! :)What is Jessie hiding? A pregnant ex-girlfriend or something like that?I hope is nothing serious and with a good explanation.I like them together! They're so cute!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
10/17/2005 c7 10afk
don't think about stuff like that *stomps on a stunt Lakken* go and have rabid bunny sex every night dammit! .

*cough* ahem, i'm loving it! XD
10/17/2005 c7 anono
uh...making lakken get used to jessie before breaking the horrible news to him would be a very cruel thing to do. making lakken become more attached and in love with jessie before breaking his heart by telling him he's going to or already has a child with some woman would be inhumane. i hope he realizes that soon. oh, why must you shatter such a great relationship? it breaks my heart just thinking about what's going to happen. poor lakken. his fears are somewhat coming true...
10/17/2005 c7 Kat
kirsten was a girl who is in love with him and she purposefully had sex with him without any birth control, thinking she could tie him down to her by getting pregnant. so she's either pregnant or already had the baby, meaning jessie's a father. i'm not at all happy about that...i mean, this could potentially ruin his relationship with lakken. frankly, i'm not too fond of the idea of lakken having to be with someone who's had a baby with someone else, especially if said person is still in love with him. well, whatever happens, i just hope you don't have lakken turn out to be a totally understanding boyfriend who would more than willingly accept that child as his child too. read too many stories with that happening, which is a bit unrealistic. because truthfully in the real world, that other person would be bitter, angry, and not so happy about the situation. and though they might grudgingly accept it overtime, they'll never truly accept that and thus will never truly be happy.

that said, i still think this is a good story.
10/17/2005 c7 Cherise
She's pregnant with his baby, right?
10/17/2005 c7 12Eris Mackenzie
Please tell me he didn't get her pregnant. I am PRAYING I'm wrong. PLEASE don't do that. Ah, man. I'm probably right, but I hope to hell you come up with something else. *waits nervously*
10/17/2005 c7 Katie
10/17/2005 c7 2Queen of the Jazzed
Oh god, oh god, oh god...Don't tell me Jessie's former girlfriend/drunken screw/I don't know what she is could be pregnant.



NO.It's going to break Lakken's heart..-cries-
10/17/2005 c7 15Switch
Oh, they had a one night stand and she's knocked up and Jessie thinks that Lakken's going to leave him because he doesn't want to help him raise a baby. Is that it? IS THAT IT? Next chapter please. ^_^
10/5/2005 c6 Kitsune Luver
I can never get over how well you write. This story just keeps getting better and better. Also, YEAH for Lakken for getting a raise! He is gonna be a great waiter! Woot! And as for the whole 'almost break-up' thing, well, I'm just glad that's over. I can't wait for your next update! *hint hint!*
10/1/2005 c6 1chibicherrychan
ah, cleaning dishes! Is there anything more disgusting? Poor Lakken, I was forced to agree with him. But, chin up, Lakken! Out of every possible guy, Jessie picked you. They are just so adorable together... I considered shaking Lakken by the shoulders a couple of times; Jessie loves him so much we can only wish them all the happiness in the world. They just seem to fit together. Of course, you did intend it that way but still... they are both very believable characters. Well, I'm onto waiting for the seventh chapter now...
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