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8/15/2005 c3 2ZayaRichteroo
i like it a lot...jessie...m he sounds hot. Keep writing or I'll...well I'm not sure what I'd do, but you can bet it wont be nice. :)
8/15/2005 c3 galene
*laughs* the convo at the end was funny... anyways, i enjoyed the chapter, keep up the good work
8/15/2005 c3 10afk
OMG i luiv it! i want a toattoo like that and ahot boyfriend like that!*_* hahahaha conyinue pliz
8/15/2005 c3 6Wolfwitch
I have the hots for Lakken, not Jessie! Grr. I loved it.
8/15/2005 c3 3Chiyokopop
Woot! i love this chapoter! go you!
8/15/2005 c3 3Sh'arra Rie
I like this, it is a refeshing change to the boy meats boy, boy fuck boy, and then a fappy ending. This has sustenenc and I look forword to reading more.
8/15/2005 c3 Tinker101
There' just something about tattoo guys that makes you want to squirm! Love it update soon! lol
8/15/2005 c3 25Esquirella
I dig it!

Love,The Beta
8/15/2005 c3 2Queen of the Jazzed
Aw.Lakken is so cute.



And so is Jessie. Even if he spells it the girl way..I don't care, still adorable.

This made me happy.

Update soon, or it'll be all of your heads!
8/15/2005 c3 ErBeBr
I really love the story so far, and the characters are great!I can't wait for the next chapter!

Keep it goingThanks,Eva Bolivar
8/15/2005 c3 LooseNativeMoose
*a sigh is heard from the happy puddle of goo on the floor* I'll review since you asked so nice Jessie :D

*Gets scary eyes* I don't mind Lakken being with him, seeing as he's um, his boyfriend and all, but other than that he's mine *cackles*

chapter was a bit short, but I love updates all the same. And Jessie's thoughts on Lakken's virginity were well worth the read XD

much loveNyki
8/14/2005 c2 Singata
i love your story!go on! :-)
8/13/2005 c2 9Gossamer Heart
It's so sweet! (I've always wanted a tattoo, but the needle freaks me out so I just get stickon - I am such a wimp). I so totally love it and you must so totally update.

*laugh* Well I sound like a retard.-Summer Goose
8/13/2005 c2 Kay
I wanna tattoo now! Wait, I already did but now I really want one. Update soon, love how it's going.
8/12/2005 c2 3GreenVixen
aw plz oh plz update soon! ciao
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