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9/28/2010 c3 Dreamer caster
this is awesome so far=) its well paced and descriptive but not overload of descriptions=)keeping writing=)its looking really good=D
8/12/2010 c21 Junjou-Angel
aw i absolutely love this!

is there gonna be a sequel?
6/25/2010 c21 Lerene is to lazy to log in
I loved this story. Great story. I loved all the twist and turns in it. Could have done without Lakken dating his teacher at that one point because it made him seem slutty. But whatever.

I liked little Jauq, too cute. Oh and I love how Jess called him Creepy. ^_^

Off to read the next story in the series.
5/4/2010 c1 TaintedGlory
too good! my heart ached and i was happy. i nearly cried when they broke up!
5/4/2010 c21 dorome
I just recently found this story. It's great and i had to read it in nearly one go cause it is so good. I am following 'Forerver Ink' for i while now, and i am really happy there are more about those cool characters.
4/17/2010 c18 1twilight-pyrate
i like the uniqueness of the story. i figured that Jessie had gotten Kirsten preggers from the first moment and i was like great it's another one of THOSE stories y'know where the boyfriend is supportive and understanding. I was glad that it WASN'T because i was drawn to read more to find out if they ever get together again.

also, the name Lakken is so cute and I keep thinking of a small effeminate little blond teenager who is completely innocent to life. which in some ways suits your character XD


3/9/2010 c1 6MantraMagazine
Well, that was certainly an original way of giving someone your number. I'm looking forward to finding out what kind of a person Lakken is, and how he and Jessie get to know each other.
3/8/2010 c21 7Happy to be Mad
loved this story
2/18/2010 c21 54FlameintheFlood
Me likes. Rimming is nasty, just sayin. Btw, I find it incredibly amusing that Lakken actually likes being called Mommy.
2/18/2010 c20 FlameintheFlood
God... Alex is such a skank. But I find him amusing. btw, the way the court case was presented was really inaccurate. Just in case you cared. (I'm a mock trial dork)

Love the story.
2/18/2010 c16 FlameintheFlood
Skilz! I'm so glad you didn't end it. I might've died. I totally need to see Kinely and Kanes relationship too. Why can't they just get together and be done with it?
2/18/2010 c15 FlameintheFlood
Ohh goodie they're back together. :D
2/18/2010 c12 FlameintheFlood
Poor Lakken. And yes, he would be fucking his professor.
2/18/2010 c10 FlameintheFlood
Loved the ending. Baby? is it his? Damnit, I'm so not gonna be able to wake up tomorrow after reading this so late. Oh wells. Good fiction like this is totally worth the painful early classes.
2/18/2010 c9 FlameintheFlood
*wipes drool off chin* Gah. Me likes.
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