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10/21/2006 c1 15greenGalilee

Still trying to figure out who exactly I think it is.

Very cool poem. "Be at a flutter with my flattery"? "Comformist sublime"? Brilliant.
6/25/2006 c1 43NinjaStoryteller
Man, you have captured the clown face like nobody could. I think almost anyone could understand this because we all have a clown face somewhere inside (or outside.) Constantly changing rhyme scheme, that's interesting too. Anyways, deep meanings put in a fun sort of way... I really enjoyed this.
1/2/2006 c1 8Mitsukai Watanabe
I see what you mean by it being so similar to my poem "Beware the Gremlin". Your thoughts of it being steriotypical insult me somewhat. The words come from the inside. It's ones opinion what words should be written. The poetry seems a little dry like you don't feel your words inside of you. Overall, it sounds great
11/15/2005 c1 141AllyCred
i like it, its very different form other stuff i've read, well done.

Lots of love~AC~
9/23/2005 c1 34nurulsan
Man... the title itself is already very attracting... it reminds me of somebody when i read it. I reeally like it...
9/21/2005 c1 29Hangman
Incredible. I haven't read something of this calibre for a long time. Everything just made sense and was so skillfully worded. I kid you not, I'm not one for handing out praise but you earned it... Youre like some kind of ... SUPER... genious poet!

9/20/2005 c1 39Moppish
Oh wow I loved this so much and I really don't know why. It was just so incredibly cool and made sense with like almost no organization and it was just cool. My absolute favorite part was: "This garden is made of paperNothing is real," SO BEAUTIFUL! Okay. I'm done now. Awesome poem. (Btw, thanks for your review)
9/15/2005 c1 23wishingdreamingwaiting
...whoa. ..ok, so.. okay.. were you saying that you wear a mask and you don't really know yourself? or that maybe it's someone else's mask that you're mocking? or i could be completely off because i'm terrible at analyzing poems, but i will say that i really enjoyed it! it was creative, interesting and different because of the whole "Clown Face" theme. nice work!
9/15/2005 c1 Out-Of-Reality
Extremely unique and perfect for my mood. Again the end was trong and brilliant. I also got a strong sense of imagery from this one. My favorite stanza would be the last one, it just summed it all up perfectly. I don't know if metaphor is the right word right but I'm going to use it anyway because I think you'll know what i mean. the clown as a metaphor was cool and defenitely not something a lot fo people has done. Good luck with other writing projects!
9/4/2005 c1 67Shadowe Goddess
wow... this is a very well written poem... and its... just wow...
9/4/2005 c1 70Maisha Mafuriko
Hauntingly beautiful... gives to me to consider the clown face not all made appearing to be so and yet clown face, the behaviour existing... so detached and in need of love...
8/26/2005 c1 264boy that you loved
no offense meant to you, and i apologise if i cause you any, but this reminds me of gacy, anyway i enjoyed this very much.

good poem.

'aptmyn, aptmyd, aptmyae, batditwwshfh'
8/17/2005 c4 38CarpeDiem28
I love the first poem. I loved the second one better. The third was great. The fourth was excellent. These poems are so addicting and so creative.

Thanks for such great work!

Thanks for the review as well.
8/9/2005 c4 150sunstormed
i liked this series a lot; the last two chapters are definitely my favorites, but overall very well written and an interesting topic. great job with this!
8/6/2005 c4 FrozenKiwi
You are excellent at these continued poems. AWESOME work. Cheers, and thanks muchly for the review!
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