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for Lovely Day

8/10/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
I love this.. it was so funny.. the sarcasm was awesome and the message was to true.. great job
8/9/2005 c1 32The Blind Guardian
I loved the sarcasm in this, because it reminds me so much of myself. This is an environmentalist's nightmare. Sadly if there were more people who cared, but more importantly, more people WILLING to make a change, then such places like this antythesis of beauty would not exist. I know from experience (though not really that drastic) that romantic passion can easily be quelled by the surroundings. Nothing says I love you like directing the attentions of your darling towards the floating crusty ...obstruction as it bobbs and weaves through or around the unnatural bubbles of the toxic soup that was once a clear lake.

Remy/The Blind Guardian
8/8/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
Made me smile, but it's also sad, cause it's true. Look what we're doing to our world. maybe one day we'll learn. anyway, brilliant job on this. really great.

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