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for So I was Hit by a Car the Other Day

2/8 c61 DayWrecker
12/11/2018 c61 Guest
Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you don't repost this,your worst week starts now
5/28/2018 c61 PringlesOnMyTea
Wow this was quite the journey, an entertaining one too. Story was great and the comedy was anazing; mad props to the author.
1/12/2018 c61 matin.t
sooo i just wanted to say this: 700TH REVIEW BITCHES . oh and also nice story .
11/6/2017 c1 MayKing
nice piece!
3/9/2017 c1 20Qoheleth
Dear Lainiee:

Tiny thing, but - would you really call that summary K-rated?

8/15/2016 c60 1TheKZDC
Welp, sorry, accidentally hit the button too early. But this is honestly a really good story, and I wouldn't mind buying a copy for 10 dollars. This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time.
8/15/2016 c61 TheKZDC
This is actually
4/8/2016 c61 Guest
Excellent job. Thanks for sharing :)
4/8/2016 c52 Guest
Confused/awkward thoughts relatable
4/4/2016 c12 Guest
Love this chapter
4/4/2016 c10 Guest
Holy shit, that was cruel
7/17/2015 c61 burningice53
I actually finished this earlier but didn't review because I went to meet up with a friend, but still felt like I should review because apparently its a pet peeve of yours and I'm a self entitled Pleasure Whore/Attention Whore. Which essentially means not only do I wish to please people but I also want attention. Anyways, I genuinely did enjoy your story from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed Lucky because he was a jackass and I rooted for Lucky and Cricket to get together but found that your version of the ending was still strangely pleasing. And considering I'm a half way closet romantic that's saying something. For some reason I started wanting Wendy and Lucky together towards the end. I enjoyed Tiff because I actually have a friend named Tiffany who we tend to call Tiff and the two are practically opposites. Tiff would be more like Tomo really. Just.. tamer. And not slutty. And geekier as well. But hey, I never said they were twins. Anyways, I enjoyed essentially all of your characters (yes even Cole, even though I was half hoping Lucky would nail from behind with a two by four), enjoyed how you showed us what a real club is like (not gonna lie, I've never been to a club. *gasp* A healthy 16 year old boy doesn't do drugs and sneak out night and go clubbing!? Yeah. I suck at socializing. I'm not a jackass like Lucky, but I kind of am an asshole. Thankfully, me and Lucky have roughly the same socialization skills but mines are a cut above. Barely. Anyways, is it bad that your story made me want to get smashed? Like now I'm filled with this urge to see if I have a good natural alcohol tolerance, and what kind of drunk I am. If I get a raging hangover, even if I don't remember why I did it, or even of ots years from now. Just know, that subconsciously I will blame you. Somehow. Anyways, what did ever happen to Lucky's virginity? I mean he hasn't even gotten to to cop a feel yet. Is he going to be a Wizard?! Wait. I don't think Linx (was that his name? I forget) and Jin or whatever, would get him laid before he could. Anyways, whatever did happen to like Wendy and the others? You explained what happened to the main characters, but I kind of wanted to know what happened to them too. Oh and are you writing a sequel? Because I would read it. Mainly because I want to see (read?) Lucky finally get the girl. I just like it when the underdog gets the girl. Like in Accel World. God I fucking love that anime. Never before has the nerd with acne and whatnot get the girl. Before it was always the "cute nerd". . Cute nerds can go circle jerk each other off. Yeah, you can tell I don't like them can't you? Anyways, I'm going on a tangent, so I should end this. Good story *insertothergenericcomplimentswhatareyourthreesizesblahblahblah*
5/21/2015 c8 2Fobbster
I find Lucky's attitude to work scarily similar to my own.
Get over 85% and bullshit the rest.
4/20/2015 c1 4pacific808
Well, you have my attention. I look forward to reading the rest.
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