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for Moon Goddess

9/1/2005 c1 Drea-le-Fox
Nice rhyme sceme!

I like!
8/30/2005 c1 12Learah Kaelar
This is beautifully written, you have such great imagery, I'm jealous! Artemis is my absolute favorite goddess! Thanks for reviewing the 'Wise One'!BLessed Be!
8/24/2005 c1 18Starblossom
Wonderful poem, with some well-written lines. I love it.
8/21/2005 c1 Eloquent-Marionette
i like it. its mystical and has a sort of magic about it at the same time. good job and keep it up!

8/20/2005 c1 9CerriC
Very nice. Unlike a lot of poetry I've seen about goddesses and mythological creatures, you've kept the original culture's image of her quite well. The last line is so much like a prayer, with just a touch of desperation. Perfect way to end.
8/19/2005 c1 22Lucid Nonsense
Interesting, I like it. Great descriptions. "Keep a fallen star lit for me" is a beautiful line.
8/19/2005 c1 2The Depths of Blue
An uplifting prayer to a goddess long forgotten. Simply beautiful and calm. It's peaceful in rythem and lets one sit and think after a rough day. Nice Job,

-The Depths of Blue
8/18/2005 c1 101emotional-Teen
Beautiful...simply beautiful

8/17/2005 c1 3Cry Tears of Darkness
i like how your poems are so differnt than the norm thats seen like love/angst (aka me) and all. very fun and makes it worth reading unlike commerical crap thats out there these days
8/17/2005 c1 281ThisCut-UpAngel
Very enchanting-well done! And thanks for the review!
8/17/2005 c1 141AllyCred
i love it...so much passion in ur words...this is a beautiful piece...well done. lots of love ~AllyCred~
8/17/2005 c1 79Sorrowful Dreams
very well written. love the beginning and the ending. sounds like a prayer in a way.

8/16/2005 c1 93Venustas iaceo
Beautiful. It's so simple to me, and yet as all your peices are...still beautiful.
8/16/2005 c1 70Aryanda
beautiful. "Keep a fallen star lit for me."- I love that line. keep it up.
8/15/2005 c1 21lordelfy
wow...really good...i like it

thanks for the reviews =)
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