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8/10/2005 c1 strawberrynoodles
this poem...this poem...;_; so...SAD! so..depressing..i like the reality in this poem. everything just seems...too..real.you can either imagine doing something..or.. you can do it.
8/9/2005 c1 28The Melissa Occult
I liked two lines in particular, 'The rain will always cut my skin again' and 'Softly with these lips I whisper against the night' I found this poem on my every-other-nightly search for good love poems. this isn't quite a love poem in the strictest sense but the darkness caught my eye. The one eye that I can see out of, the other's blind to everything but the present, then again aren't they both? (what the hell am I talking about? I have good vision, just always in the present tense). I liked this, it was well written. Especially the last line, you mention earlier that now you have the strength to die, and yet at the end you do it over and over again. It gives me the impression of not yet being strong enough, the mind runs through a thousand possiblities and pictures, but never has the strength to do it. So you end up dying over and over. Hah, I'm probably way off the mark, at least if I always miss when I shoot I never have to worry about commiting suicide or some other rash act. Have a great night,S.P.

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