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for Suicide Notes

8/10/2005 c1 7K. T. Wood
That was really good- and really sad. Lots of hate in the sentence "I hate you! Look at what you made me do". Whoever that was aimed at is sure to get the message- or is it aimed at the person who is writing the note *mysterious music*. One suggestion- I think the lines aimed at "dad" and "mum" would work better without the mum and dad attached at the end- the point would still get across, the mum and dad just seem to mess with the rythm of the poem...Other than that- excellent job. the repition of "Dear world" worked really well. Awesome.
8/10/2005 c1 2ozumas girl
So sad. Yet very well written and full of emotion. I don't read poems. But yours was god. I like the way you've set it out. And don't worry about the dot thing... FB and FF suck... *FF.net securtiy (sp) loom over her* Uh... *Pales* I mean... they are wonderful! Just wonderful! *Finger's crossed*

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