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for The Wrong Side Of Me

8/11/2005 c1 7The Schmoe
That... was not funny. You should break away from this vaguely autobiographical style. Just as no one likes to read a blog in the humour section, no one really wants to read about "What I would do to my teacher if i had the stones" fantasy.
8/11/2005 c1 15Roth Jopalse Sammuels
Wow, that's really harsh...

The essay was pretty well written, only a few gramatical errors, but I didn't really feel that Ms. Lan deserved all that. I'm not saying that in reality she isn't a nasty old wench who deserved it, but your essay didn't do enough to make her seem evil enough to deserve that. I'd revise it a little bit, adding some details about Ms. Lans herself, I really want to feel glad that she's gone along with you, but I can't if you can't tell me how terrible she is. Good story and well written, just that one detail.

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