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for Tips for Becoming EXTREME!

4/18/2008 c1 fatbird33
nice:) it amde me smile. i shall now go and work on my extremeness
7/10/2006 c1 58Marionette Dancer
EXTREME! HARDCORE! parrot works too, as my cousin likes to use..."PARROT" he shouts...gangsta style...lol...*beasty* what an amazing word! i love u! u freakin rock! this is my favorite ever! your beast at this knocks my monkey sox off!

6/19/2006 c1 17invisiblebob
Great! I'd say more but there's nothing else 4 me to comment on as far as critiquing goes. It's delicious and quite refreshing... and no I'm not refering to a pina colada. :P :D
9/10/2005 c1 maxnotevoltage
Ah, some tips to live by. I'll have to remember this so I can quote it. - J.max
8/31/2005 c1 Mecha Scorpion
Hello! When I saw the link on your fanfiction profile I thought your user name was misterfuzzum sextreme instead of what it is. Creepy...
8/25/2005 c1 5Banana Chopsticks
LOL this was funny! i hate it when people think they're EXTREME when clearly they do not know the true definition of EXTREMENESS. oh and thank you for being the only person ever to review mine :D:D
8/15/2005 c1 EXTREMENESS Worshiper
I printed out a copy and taped it to my forehead so I can be EXTREME wherever I go! You are soo cool! I know that because your name has the word EXTREME in it. I hope I can be as EXTREME as you one of these days. Holy cow! I can't bielieve I'm reviewing this! I'm getting this tingly feeling in my epidermus. I even spelled believe wrong! Am I taking up your time? I'm sorry, I'll stop now. Or now.
8/12/2005 c1 28Darthen
Tip 5 - spell it X-TREME!.!

LOL, this was good. haha.
8/12/2005 c1 3Dances-with-Stoats
Fabulous, dahling! Simply fabulous! (When one cannot be extreme, one becomes a Diva.) :D
8/12/2005 c1 MistyRiver
HA! EXTREME! Very good, I love your style. (NB- my name is that I use on FanFiction.net) I hope that by following your wonderful tips, I shall, one day, become EXTREME. Thank you, Sah.
8/11/2005 c1 The Fictionpress Historian
Welcome to the Pros.
8/11/2005 c1 15Roth Jopalse Sammuels
I thought it was a pretty funny essay. I hate people who think they are so extreme and awesome too when they are really just morons. Good work.
8/11/2005 c1 70mercury.love
That was EXTREME! Made me laugh, great voice, couldn't find any spelling/grammar errors... great job... this is going on my favorites.
8/11/2005 c1 4Blindfire40
Hm...very interesting. Very comedic,it made me laugh at many points along the course. Not many grammar or spelling errors to speak of, so that was good. All in all, very good, and keep it up.

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