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for Our Midnight Playground

8/20/2016 c5 indiana
When is going to school early for her? But loving the book!
7/28/2016 c20 Guest
great story but finished a little quickly
9/14/2012 c7 RubyRed22
5/24/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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4/27/2010 c9 1Audrey Storm
lol nice one "for our wedding night" !
4/27/2010 c3 Audrey Storm
Yay Donovan !
4/13/2009 c21 sarcasm is my middle name
Aww, poor Scarlett!

Great story, although it was a bit fast...

I loved it! Donovan sounds adorable.
2/15/2009 c9 adnama3121
Did you change Nikki's last name? Wasn't it something like D'Ambruzzi or something? Why is it Sanders now?

12/5/2008 c11 4slee5133
hey, love the story so far, but im just wondering, doesn't ellie walk to school everyday? why can't she walk home? and didn't you mention in a few chapters before this that donovan caught the bus to school, if he did, why would he be driving home? and on the day of ellie and donovan's 'date' you said 11.15pm instead of am. sorry, just a few errors that bugged me.
11/17/2008 c21 5I Murder on Impulse
fantastic story!
10/25/2008 c5 41AbbeyEileen
So, as much as I am trying to be patient, I just can't read any more of this story. There is no plot, just random characters randomly interacting. Grammar definitely needs to brushed up, but the point is, the story is just boring. The sentence structure never varies and the vocabulary leaves something to be desired.

Just wanted to give my opinion.
9/14/2008 c9 11acatsrain
Um... doesn't Donovan have a car?
1/31/2008 c1 Miss. Paradox
*girly squeal*

I loved it. It was adorable! ^.^ One of those stories that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, haha.

Anyways, great job! I'll be sure to check out your other stuff.
9/8/2007 c20 atreyu love
Dont you mean Scarlett and Brian? lolz.

i love the story!
9/8/2007 c1 atreyu love
i love the story!

reading next chap. now :)
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