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10/12/2005 c20 17Nocturnal silhouette
Oh a wonderful ending to a wonderful story. This one is staying on my favorites list. Excellent job and congradulations on its completion.
10/12/2005 c21 7yarrowicefrost
i read all of this story yesterday and it was *WOW*...i really liked it! the epilouge was great too... can't wait for ur next story. btw, the idea of using a character from ur previous story in a new one with a completly different setting and not as a sequel either is well...ingenious:)
10/12/2005 c21 17Lady of romance world88
Oh my god, I love this epilogue. This is so wonderful that Ellie and Donovan is still together like a true love that never end. I can't wait for your next story. Hurry update soon.
10/12/2005 c20 theeighthhouse
10/12/2005 c21 AnnoyinglyClever
loved the story...had to giggle though...my middle name's scarlett
10/12/2005 c21 136LilLaTLuv

I expected as much, after you said, that's another story. Her boyfriend beats her right? Well, maybe the trip will do her good, not to mention the punk she meets! PUT IT UP SOON! PLEASE?

Luv ya,Tashi :)
10/11/2005 c21 29hasseena
The epilogue was fine but I feel it could have been better. A little longer and more descriptive, you know.Anyway, I think I would love to read your new story. Looking forward to it!
10/11/2005 c21 6Pandemonium Express
AH! haha, excuse the outburst but I LOVE you! ^_^ AWESOME ending. haha, the Eye thing reminds me of Stephanie Plum. Do you ready Janet Evanovich? Totally inappropriate but so funny that even a prude like me loves it. That woman has a good sense of humor. But enough about her, YOU are awesomely splendiferous and I'll be sure to check out your next story! ^_^
10/11/2005 c20 Pandemonium Express
Yay! hehe, I love it! -^_^- They finally said it and that makes me so happy! Sorry I couldn't get this review out until now, but I was on a college visit for the weekend plus there's the homework factor that we're all suffering through. O_O Evilness. Anyways, I'm so psyched that I get to just read the next chapter right away! ;P Good stuff!
10/11/2005 c21 58slowlydancingtothestars
lol please let me knwo when the new story is posted
10/11/2005 c21 4untitled furniture
Aww that was great, it was so cute. Somebody pinch me! Sorry that was one of my cheesy moments, I loved the ending can't wait to read you new story. If Ellie and Donavan's going to have a 2 boys and one girl, prepare for a dirty house guys are dirty! Yuckie! ...now I guess this is a cheesy moment, ok I'm going to go now I can tell I talked to much. BYE! (crys that its over)

FOr the last time:Any mispelled words sorry! : )

10/11/2005 c21 Fumi
This story was great! I can't wait to read the next one. Is it considerd a sequel? (I'm not sure, it DOES use some of the same characters though right?) Anyway I have no idea what to re-name the story, but if I get any ideas I'll email.
10/11/2005 c21 twdbot
WONDERFUL STORY! Had to read some chapters that were already out because I wasn't sent email notifications in time... :[

Looking forward to your upcoming story. :D
10/11/2005 c21 3SkateForLife
AW Such a sweet story! I just read it all through. And Scarlett with the bruises?/EKK! Ok. Calm down. Love this story.
10/11/2005 c21 2Eternally Eris
I love, love, loved this story! I've been putting in time to read it and believe me, it has taken plenty of effort and it was all worthwhile. I wish I had reviewed sooner... I'm kind of slack when it comes to reviewing. I loved all the Ellie and Donovon interactions. Ellie's character is easily identified with, the way you wrote her provides for the reason, and Donovon is the guy I believe we all want to meet! Amazing story, I can't wait to read your next one (that sounds very promising). As for a new name for the story... I really can't think of any. I had one but it escaped me, maybe I can get back to you on it. If you need a beta reader for your new story or just some advise, please let me know. I'd love to help in anyway I can. Again, marvelous story and I can't wait for the next one!
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