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8/17/2005 c3 9Alteng
She still reminds me of Lina Inverse! The quest for impossible items sounds familiar, but I can't remember where I read about it or saw something about it. I kind of think it was a Xanth book. Don't you just hate when people have seen all these things before. kick me a good one! Anyway, Amanda is a fun girl and I think she deserves a new pair of shoes . . . and a hot prince.
8/16/2005 c3 4Mice 12
My friend, Amanda a.k.a. Phoenix-ofthe-Goldenrose told me to read this, and it's absolutely hilarious. You have to continue this! ~Arisu
8/16/2005 c2 Mice 12
Down with MONDAYS! They are truely evil! Hilarious! ~Arisu
8/16/2005 c1 Mice 12
O.o Funny. Continue!~Arisu
8/16/2005 c3 26Scooz
hahahaha nevermind, I answered my own questions. I didn't see the other chapters when I read the first. This is funny. I love it. I have to agree with the main character...mondays do suck. She keeps a diary like I do my journal. How many times I just written a few sentences about my day and just stopped cuz I was too lazy or nothing happened that day? But still, very amusing, made me smile ^^
8/16/2005 c1 Scooz
No...Lilith is my role model :P Anyway, interesting start, straight forward introduction to the characters, and very amusing, especially the last comment about Kellara. Now is the whole story written in dairy form? Cuz she said that sometimes she lies, so it makes me wonder how much of this might be exaggerated and so on.

Um, again, thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am glad you caught some of that stuff. The reason I had those 'I's in there was, the story was originally in first person pov and I changed it at the last second, so yea. And the tense changings is I am writing other stories in present tense so it is painful changing tenses as often as I do. That is why I am so grateful you pointed them out.

I am surprised you have read Darkwitch Rising...it's not available in my area yet...which really sux for me. And I was happy to show some credit in my comment for your work. You are a wonderful writer and an awesome reviewer, you deserve it ^^

You sure did have quite a few questions at the end of the chapter. I am surprised you said you thought Shey was a werewolf...to be honest I havent thought of werewolves since I took a break from writing my Insomniac story. But you are close. I actually like it when people guess wrong, because as long as you keep them guessing about what is gonna happen, they will keep reading.

I am glad you are keeping Vampyre's Kiss, though I know what you mean about the whole school thing. I am busy trying to prep for college as a part time student as well as get a part time job to pay for said college. It can be really painful on us as writers when we know we would rather be doing something else.

Again, thank you for the great review and good luck keeping up with your literary demands as well as your schooling's. I will actually be posting the third chapter for Purple Thorn tomorrow or the day after. I'll be looking out for the next chapter for Vampyre's Kiss.
8/16/2005 c2 72Link-Atrix
This is funny! Hee hee! Keep writting
8/14/2005 c2 11Earthsong12
Hmm, interesting...there were a few typos, especially towards the beginning, but nothing huge. An intriguing start; keep writing and I'll keep reading!
8/14/2005 c2 9Alteng
She reminds me a bit of Lina Inverse of the Slayers. It was quite fun. I hope to read more of this story soon.
8/14/2005 c1 Alteng
Well, your character descritions are amuzing, and the confession to the diary raises an eyebrow or two.
8/13/2005 c2 1Heatherika
wow! this is a really cool sounding story! you should update soon! (cause i like reading good stories) i'll give you a cookie...two cookies...
8/13/2005 c2 11fantasywriter22
You might want to try bolding the dates, hours, and minutes. It would make it a lot easier to read. Anyways, not enough info for me to decide if it is good or not, so I'll have to come and read the next chapter. It is interesting though. I will be waiting! Oh and there are some corrections that nedd to be made. Bye!
8/13/2005 c2 Pont
hi! It's Pont- too lazy to sign in :P

This is cute! Only a few things before I do my general impression report thingie at the end...

paragraph 19: 'for 'daring to go where no witch ha gone before'' I think you meant 'has' instead of 'ha' ^_^

paragraph 19: 'Those Royal Magician's have tons and tons of books' 'Magician's' means, literally, 'magician is', so I think you meant 'Magicians'- which is just 'magician' pluralized.

paragraph 17: such a good point :P

mondays really do suck. Goodness, that's a lot like the inner dialogue I went through every monday morning during physics last year. Minus the moss and the gross smell- well, plus the gross smell sometimes, since the bio classroom next door seemed to be dissecting something every other day. Definitely can connect. Though I suppose a dungeon would probably be more damp and generally unpleasant, but at least you don't have to listen to someone's boring monotones going on about the velocity of the moon always falling towards but not quite ever hitting the earth (thank gods). Ack! I stray from the point with shameless strayingness (which is not a word)!

hehe, sorry about that. Got kinda carried away. Love the way this went- made me want to ramble. Which, come to think of it, I did. Want to see the next chappie! ^_^

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