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for The Chronicle Cycle: The Legacy of the Pantorin

10/27/2005 c1 17Sarrasanne
This is really good! (not that i wasn't expecting it). I know i've only read the first chapter (which is mighty long) but i have deducted that you need to check out your apostrophes. badly. apart from that, the story moves very quickly! i love the characters, you can just so tell who is who. No dwarf in the group? but then, i have all the other chapters yet to read!

luv Isi
10/9/2005 c15 7chuckles1414
This is really good so far, keep writing. Thanks for reviewing my story.
9/30/2005 c1 8Hiho
This is so good. Thanks for reviewing my story, I've updated it. :D
8/22/2005 c6 12Pyrgus
Hey. I tried to review for five but the review thing wasn't working. I totally loved it. I had this awsome review written and then it wouldnt post so now im just rambling. oh yeah. You can email people by going to their user page. you click on their username by a review and then click on their email adress. have fun now im going to actually read chapter six.
8/21/2005 c4 5GilanSalehi
Ha, imagine my horror as I realized that all the emails I was sending were actually going back to the FictionPress review alert bot. I'd respond to every review if I had a proper email address to reply to, (people checking out the review page wouldn't exactly want to see all my responses, I don't think.) Thanks for all your reviews and support so far! It really helps.
8/21/2005 c4 12Pyrgus
I loved this chapter too. I think my favorite characters are Ashe for being the rational one in the group and Doran just because he is a blonde elf...
8/20/2005 c15 11Salein
very interesting, I think the chapters are quite good. there a few spelling mistakes, but hey Who really gives a crap, the story flowed nicely keep up the good work.
8/20/2005 c3 12Pyrgus
I loved this chapter too. They are so much easier to read when they are only half of what they were. I still saw a couple of spelling but who really cares? I love the story and im going to go finish the next chapter now. Pyrgus...
8/19/2005 c1 5GilanSalehi
I've shortened the chapter length by 1/2, so hopefully it will be easier and more fun to read. Thank you very much!
8/19/2005 c1 12Pyrgus
Hi. I loved this first chapter! I wanted to thank you for reviewing my story. I think that the only reason that you dont have tons of reviews is because your chapters are too long. It took me a while to read this chapter and I read pretty fast. I saw a few spelling mistakes, but other than those things I think this story is awsome so far. But I really think that you should shorten the chapters up a bit. You know it is kind of hard for a reader to come back and find their place in a story if it is so long and it isn't like you can put a bookmark where you stop. But please update soon. I am most definatly going to come back and finish reading this when I have the time to.

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