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10/20/2005 c1 15Melinda Becker
you're obviously a nurturer which is very cool.i really like this one as well. you've split it up into nice sections that are easy to follow and that also flow very nicely.sweet work, yet again.
9/14/2005 c1 79Sorrowful Dreams
this is really touching. If you did that for those people, I'm sure they'll return the favor when you need it. But yes, sometimes I wonder the same thing...because to me honest I have so much pain that when someone says they don't know what I'm talking about, it ticks me off cuz I do..okay I'll stop rambling lol

9/3/2005 c1 12darkenedstar
Wow, this is great and so true.Sometimes people just get so caught up in the drama that they can't see the good things...good stuff.
8/17/2005 c1 59Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys
Awesumness...soz, thats mi new fav word...i can relate to this, well done, keep it up^_^
8/15/2005 c1 DailyLatte
I love this because it reminds me what I'm putting my friends through when I go crying to them for every problem. Beautifully written.

8/15/2005 c1 14method acting
A bit straightforward but excellently stated. Perfect for my current situation. nice job.

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