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3/26/2012 c1 absentmindedprofessor
Too cute! (Who cares about cliches?) And don't worry, your run-o n sentences were easy to understand, plus they added to the story. Great one-shot! =D

3/18/2012 c1 ClosetReader
Omg! This is soooo sweet!
1/7/2012 c1 tiltedHead
ooo,this story is rather cute...
12/17/2011 c1 dreeming
adsufohfpjpuodoh SO CUTEEE X3
11/25/2011 c1 wervelende
This was cute! I liked how thoughtful and sweet he was. I also kind of like that they were both nameless. :)
10/31/2011 c1 Annie
Absolutely gorgeous. I think one of your reviewers has already said it, but I'm going to say it again anyway: I am in love with this!

Such a sweet, charming, and romantic story. It made me chuckle out loud, grin, and ultimately, sigh. So lovely. Thank you for sharing this story! :-)
9/10/2011 c1 loveantiquity
Sweet! :D
9/1/2011 c1 12henbee
This is actually adorable.
8/10/2011 c1 Cathy
Omg! This was adorable 3
8/10/2011 c1 Cathy
Omg! This was adorable 3
8/4/2011 c1 fariswheel
Aw, I love it. It's adorable!
7/3/2011 c1 Guest
7/2/2011 c1 10hydra-star1
Adorable. I love it. He's such a fun, quirky character.
6/20/2011 c1 happyepicurean
I'm in love with this one-shot. I love how you go through all the vices and the faults of the guy and then tie them together in the end to say that despite how annoying he is, the main character can't get him out of her mind or apartment. I like your descriptive language and the style with which you wrote the oneshot, by using show not tell. I absolutely loved the ending when she chased after him finally and asked him why he always forgot to close the door. It was the perfect climax to the story! It was a definite plus that you didn't give the characters names and instead referred to them as she and he. I feel a lot closer with the characters that way.

I hope you keep on writing, I love your style!
4/23/2011 c1 4MazeRunner
Originally reading this I was scared to get my hops up because of the title and thought it would end badly. Thisstory was incredibly cute and always appeals to the really girly side of me that wanta to met a guy like this one day.
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