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for Requiem Aeternam

5/5/2006 c1 4theLethean
Great story! The mood and the suspence is carried across so well... hope you update soon!
1/8/2006 c1 7Alankria
Though I haven't read the Beowulf poem, I nonetheless found this piece incredible. Such intensity and vivid description, things I rarely find on this site and even in published fiction. My only complaint is a technical one: your use of "it's". "It's" is *only* used as an abbreviation for "it is", never as a possessive form of "it". You should use "its" for possession - EG: 'its pointed teeth.' It is the only case where possession doesn't carry an apostrophe. But technical mistakes aside, a fantastic piece.
8/17/2005 c1 622Jave Harron
Very intense story here! You've captured a Beowulf based epic nicely. I've done my own classical literature inspired bits, but haven't tried epic poems yet. This is very good. I hope you update soon!

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