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6/27/2006 c1 3Catstar14
LOL, that is so cute. It really does look like a tortoise. Good Job. I haven't been on fictionpress in a good minute but just updated my story Serenity again. Ive been really motivated to write by reading some good stories and poems. This poem is just one of them.
12/26/2005 c1 9ice flyer
wow! it does look like a tortoise, cool! i also like the writing of the poem, kind of frank and simple but sincere. good job! :)
10/29/2005 c1 11Tzotel431
Cool! It does look like a tortise. And the rhyming added to the poem!

10/17/2005 c1 undercover-angel96
hehe, v clever! It does look like a tortoise...^^


ps. thanks for reviewing my story!^^
9/30/2005 c1 70Aryanda
that is so cool! it so definately looks like a tortoise. and it makes alot of sense, i really liked the poem. great job, and i just love the format!
9/4/2005 c1 4Mage Dudette
aww, cute tortoise! i like it! ^_^
8/26/2005 c1 2SplintofGrass
Very cute. The poem looks like a general shape of a tortois (or a turtle), not very detailed, but recognizable. At first glance, though, different people might see different things, but don't worry, since this is still a very cute shape poem.
8/22/2005 c1 2Once upon a smile
Good poem, and looks good too!
8/20/2005 c1 GypsyMothra
That is so cool! I love it.
8/20/2005 c1 42gremlin-oompaloompa
LOL, i like it! its sweet!
8/20/2005 c1 FloriaCharms
haha.. this is very cute~ hehe.. well, ya it turns out quite like a tortoise, I can see the outline =).. great attempt, to make such a shape with the content of the poem describing the same thing at the same time.. very cute indeed!

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